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Finland, Northen Lapland - Arctic trail to Lappish gold

Are you interested in wild Northern nature and history of goldrush in Lapland? Welcome to this trail organized by an excellent family owned stable in Inari-Saariselkä region in Finnish Lapland! Your hostess Maria and her well behaving happy Finnhorses will take you to a trail that combines authentic camp life in the beautiful and untouched wilderness, a local tavern with sauna and local delicacies, and to top it all a visit in a local gold panning site where you learn about the famous historical and romantic goldrush in Lapland. In this trail you will enjoy many sides of arctic life. You will get a taste of the nature and silence, with modern comforts and interesting local history. You will return home happy and relaxed!

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Accommodation & Food

The first two nights you will sleep in the nature in a stove-heated and spacious joint tent in the wilderness camp. Tents are brought and provided by maintenance team. You need to bring your own sleepingbag and pad. Please prepare for chilly nights even during summer. The third night you will sleep in the local tavern in shared or separate rooms. Mattresses or beds are provided by the inn.
On the first night options for washing and swimming are limited, but water runs near the camp for wash up and refreshing. On the second afternoon you can wash in the camp sauna and dip in the river if you wish (camp sauna has buckets of water from the river for washing in the sauna). On the third day you enjoy the comforts of spacious sauna prepared for us, and have a swimming possibility outdoors.
Toilets/electicity/running water/wifi* are available only at the stable and Laanilan Kievari.
*wifi might be available on the higher points of the trail.



There are seven cold blooded Finnish horses in the farm. Finnish horses are calm, strong, intelligent and friendly. They are app 150-165cm high (the horses vary from 155cm to 173cm).
The horses live a happy life in a herd staying outdoor year round with possibility to enter indoors if they wish.
These horses are in good condition for the trails and they are regularly ridden also in riding school lessons so they have very good physics.

Program Arctic trail to Lappish gold

The trail runs in the hilly Lapland nature and crosses rivers, fells and steep gorges. The pace is moderately relaxed with several fast gallops. At the steepest points the riders dismount to walk with the horses.

Day 1  On the first day you meet at the stable at 9 am where you meet your guide and horses, prepare the horses together and then set out for the trail. On the first day you ride 35-40 km. The pace is relaxed and moderate with some faster periods. You enjoy lunch in the wilderness after 3-4 hours of riding. This day ends in wilderness camp near a gold digging area. After taking care of the horses you enjoy a tasty dinner (reindeer) prepared by a professional cook on the fire.
Options for washing and swimming are limited, but a fresh stream runs next to the camp and canister of tab water is available for washing your teeth etc. You stay overnight in an 8 persons tent with stove heating. It is possible to accommodate in your own tent provided by yourself.

Day 2 You enjoy a tasty breakfast in the camp and start the day in no hurry. During this day you explore and enjoy the local wilderness spotting interesting places in the nature. Weather allowing you climb on horseback on the top of a fell to enjoy the view. Most of the day you ride in a terrain with no paths to show you the way, so it is impossible to give a precise number of kilometers. A real adventure!  You’ll enjoy filling and delicious lunch in the nature when you find a spot of your liking. You stay overnight by a river and get to try a real camp life “luxury” – a tent-sauna! If you dare, feel free to dip in the cold river Tolos! At the camp we will prepare a tasty dinner by the fire. You stay overnight in a spacious tent with stove heating or tent brought by yourself.

Day 3 After breakfast you mount on you horses to start the days ride. First you ride along the river bank and then you climb along marked paths to the magnificent Kulmakuru scenery. You enjoy light and tasty lunch on the way. You arrive to Laanilan Kievari (kievari = an inn) at appr 4-5 pm, and after releasing the horses on the green, you will relax your muscles in the sauna. You can also swim in an outdoor swim pit if you like. The sauna has A-licence so you can buy your beverages on site.
After the sauna, you will enjoy a delicious three-course dinner provided locally. You will sleep indoors in the tavern with your belly full.

Day 4  You start the ride after breakfast and stop pretty soon for a coffee in Rainbow’s End gold digging site. You enjoy the coffee while listening to the history of the local gold digging. You will also learn of the operation of the gold panning site. After the visit, you start your ride back to the starting point, the stables, and enjoy a lunch on the way. You climb once more on the top of the fell to enjoy the vast landscape where you just had an adventure in, before arriving to the stable at appr 5 pm.


Travel Information

Ability description: Trail Ride Level 3

Included in the price: 3 nights, 4 days riding, full board, incl drinking water and juice for dinner in wilderness and breakfast, 3-course dinner on the third night (excluding beverages). 

Not included: travel to Ivalo, transfer from and to the airport to the stable, alcoholic drinks, and all drinks at the Inn. You have to bring your own sleepingbag and pad. You can bring you own sweets, snacks and beverages of your choice to the camps if you wish. On the third night you can also buy alcoholic drinks. We recommended you bring some small snacks of your liking for the trail.

Airport: the closes airport is IVALO. Distance to ROVANIEMI airport is ~250km (transfer to Ivalo by buss)
Train: Train from south -> Rovaniemi. From Rovaniemi 250km by buss. 

Transfers: There is no public transport to the stable. If you arrive by your own/rented car, you can leave the car at the stable parking place for free. Or, you can take a taxi to the stable (Appr. 12 km from Saariselkä, appr. 20km from Ivalo airport). Or, inform Horsexplore in advance of your transfer need and pay it on site.

Single rooms: There are no single rooms. For private accommodation please bring your own tent (transported to camps by maintenance team). The tent with heating provided by the stable is for 8 people.

Meals: Lunches and dinners are prepared by a professional cook from tasty local ingredients. Breakfasts are prepared in open air at the camps. Lunches are light but energizing for the long riding. Healthy and tasty traditional cooking. Partly open air cooking in the nature. Three course dinner on the third night. Special diet on request in advance. Own snacks and drinking bottles (max 1l) can be carried in saddle bags!

Season: From August to September. Feel free to enquire more dates from HorseXplore.

Arrival/Departure: Arrive to the stable on the first day at 9 am. Departure on the last day after 5pm after arriving to the stable. 

Extras available:
Feel free to ask from Horsexplore advice for booking extra accommodation in Saariselkä or Ivalo before/after the trail

Group size: Minimum number of guests 4, maximum number of guests 6-8.

Age limit: 18 years (or 16 years with parents approval) 

Currency: EUR

Wifi: No wifi in the wilderness camps. Wifi available in the tavern and starting point.

Electricity: No electricity in the wilderness. Electricity available in the tavern. Powerbanks are recommended!

Beach: No beach, but swimming is possible in the river and at the tavern sauna.

Feedback from our travellers

Dates and prices

DateDaysName of tripPrice from
10/08/20234Finland, Northern Lapland - Arctic trail to Lappish gold
Fully booked
EUR 1,950Book on request
31/08/20234Finland, Northern Lapland - Arctic trail to Lappish gold
Offer - 10% discount on the following price
EUR 1,950Book on request

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