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Croatia, Dalmatia

In the middle of the beautiful Dalmatian countryside, about an hour's drive from Split, you will find this family-owned farm run by the young and driven Stipe. Enjoy a peaceful destination that is easy to get to and is also very affordable.

The landscape offers varied riding terrain with everything from lovely gallops across untouched landscapes, to walks through small villages, discoveries of old Roman roads and magnificent views from the Svilaj and Mosec mountains. The riding suits riders who feel confident with fast-paced gallops over open landscapes and long days in the saddle (on request, it is also possible to arrange private rides for families / groups with more inexperienced riders). Some of the horses are very forward, but there are also calmer horses for those who prefer it.

The accommodation is simple but comfortable and consists of a newly built part with five double rooms, located in the courtyard. There is also access to a small pool during the summer months. Stipe and his family serve traditional Dalmatian cuisine where they grow a large part of the ingredients themselves, including their own wine. The lunches are usually taken as cozy picnics during the riding tours, while breakfast and dinner are served in the common dining room.

Your host Stipe has previous experience from Croatian riding schools, but 8 years ago decided to start his own business where he offers an affordable and fun long-distance riding program with comfortable accommodation and very good food and drinks.

Here you will feel extremely welcome and get to experience both the local culture and fantastic days on horseback!

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Accommodation & Food

Guests stay with the owner and his family at their ranch in basic, but comfortable double or twin rooms. There are 5 rooms in total, 3 rooms have a private bathroom, and 2 rooms share a bathroom. 
The meals are homemade by your hosts family, and you can expect traditional Dalmatian cuisine. Guests are welcome to join the host's mother in the kitchen for an impromptu cooking demonstration to see how some Dalmatian specialties are prepared.

Breakfast includes home baked bread, cheese, jam, eggs and seasonal fruit (often home-grown). Lunch is usually eaten as a picnic at a picturesque spot on the trail and can include sandwiches, quiches, cold meats, fruit and bread. In case of poor weather, you will then return to the ranch for lunch which could be a Dalmatian dish (based on fish or meat, greens, olive oil, and seasonings). Dinner is eaten back at the ranch and is another authentic home-cooked meal freshly prepared by the family. The drinks that are included with each meal could be juice, 1 glass of wine/beer, tea, coffee, water. Extra beer and wine can be purchased on site. About 2 EUR for beer and 4 EUR for a glass of wine.

Vegetarian or other dietary requirements can be accommodated with advanced notice to HorseXplore.


Horses & Riding

The horses at the ranch are specially trained for the trails and used to the terrain. There are 10 horses available aged between 6-12 years. With a maximum of six riders at any time, there are always spare horses available if necessary. The sizes of the horses range from 14.1hh to 16.3hh and English tack is used. Breeds are crossbreeds with  English and Arabian Thoroughbred and Croatian warm blood. They are willing and reliable but fit and forward-going.

The riding on this holiday is fast-paced and thrilling. Expect lots of cantering through flower-filled fields and quite a few gallops on the hills, mountain slopes and wide valleys that make up this remote region.

Rider requirements
This riding program is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders. You must be comfortable at all paces including gallop and with experience of riding in open countryside. A reasonable level of fitness is required to cope with up to six hours a day in the saddle. You will be helping with feeding, grooming, and tacking up your horse but assistance is always available if required.

On request there is also the possibility to arrange private rides for families / groups with more inexperienced riders. Some of the horses are very forward, but there are also calmer horses for those who prefer it. If unexperienced riders come, they divide the group in 2 groups so everyone get the right pace for their ability.


Preliminary program 

Day 1 - Saturday
Riding: No riding.
Transfer to the ranch from Split airport, bus or train station from 3.00pm, with time for a snack and some relaxation before dinner (depending on arrival time). The plan for today is to get to know the other guests and your host, to make new friends and to enjoy a traditional Dalmatian dinner with homemade wine.

Day 2 - Sunday
Riding: 4  hours
Morning starts with breakfast and a hot cup of coffee or tea. After breakfast you will get to know the horses and ride for 4 hours discovering the surrounding nature. You will have time to choose a horse for yourself. You'll go through the fields where you will canter and gallop through natural pathways.
During lunch you will be staying at the ranch. After a free afternoon you can expect a delicious dinner and a well-deserved rest.

Day 3 - Monday
Riding: 4 - 5 hours
After breakfast you will start the ride to the Svilaja Mountain where you will gallop across the field and go through Dalmatian villages of Ogorje, Leskuri and Milesina. After passing through the villages you will continue on ancient Roman roads to the mountain where you can relax over a delicious lunch served outside. After a well-deserved break you will continue to ride over the mountain to the village Milesina. Then you will ride through the village Bracevic to the ranch. In total, you will spend around 5 hours in saddle. Back at the ranch, you will enjoy dinner with the other guests and your hosts. 

Day 4 - Tuesday
Riding: 6 hours
In the morning after breakfast you will get ready for yet another trail. In total, there will be a total of around 6 hours in saddle. The day begins with a riding through the fields and natural paths towards the mountain house called Orlove Stine. The lunch will be served at the mountain house, where you will enjoy the view of the Perucko lake, Cetina river and other mountains. Panoramic view is truly breathtaking. After the break you will get the horse ready and continue down the mountain to the ranch where you will be served dinner. 

Day 5 - Wednesday
Riding: No riding
If you are interested in visiting Split, there is a local bus that passes by the ranch and goes to the city. If not, you can always stay at the ranch and enjoy your free time in the nature or at the pool, if the weather allows it.

Day 6 - Thursday
Riding: 4 - 5 hours
After breakfast you will get ready for the trail. Riding up the hill Zelovo lasts just over 2 hours. After a short break you will continue to ride for about 2 to 3 hours through other villages where you will have an amazing view of the fields, forests and nearby mountains. You will return to the ranch for lunch and drinks with your hosts. The afternoon is free for a well-deserved rest.

Day 7 - Friday
Riding: 5-6 hours
After breakfast we will have you riding at the foot of mountain Moseć. You will be riding for around 4 hours, through beautiful fields, pastures, streams, and gravel roads. After returning to the ranch you will have lunch and a break. In the afternoon, there is another 1,5-2 hour ride through the paths surrounding the ranch. After, you can rest, have a delicious dinner and conversation, remembering good experiences during the trail.

Day 8 - Saturday:
Departure is scheduled after breakfast, around 10:00.

Travel Information

Ability description: Trail Ride Level 2-3 >>

Included in the price: 7 nights shared accommodation, all meals from dinner on arrival day to breakfast on departure day, 1 glass of wine/beer with meals, 5 days of riding.

Not included: Flights, personal travel insurance, airport transfers.

Travel: Book flight >>
Flight: Fly to Split Airport (SPU)

Transfer from Split Airport: €150/car, return transfer, max 3 passengers/car, approximately 1 hour.
Paid directly to the taxi driver in cash.
Split airport, bus or train station transfers at set times. 

Single room:  There is one room available for solo travelers at no extra cost - this is a smaller room with only a single bed. If this room is not available and you are not willing to share, then the supplement must be paid.

Season: April 22, 2023 - October 2023 (Arrive/depart on Saturdays)

Group size: 2-6 riders

Age limit: 16 years

Weight limit: 90kg / 198 lbs / 14 stone 2lbs

Currency: EUR

Credit card: No. 

Wifi: Yes

Electricity jack: EU standard

Beach: No

Pool: A small one

Riding equipment to borrow: Helmet

Saddle bag available: Some saddlebags.

Special diet: Inform when booking.

Misc.: Bed linen, toiletries and towels are included.

Note: They can organize private rides for families or groups with less experienced riders, please ask.


Most of Croatia has a continental climate with hot summers and cold, snowy winters. The coastal area has a typical Mediterranean climate with mild wet winters and warm sunny summers. Statistically speaking, Croatia is one of the sunniest countries in Europe.

Dates and prices

"Book on request" means that we cannot confirm your booking immediately, but we will get back to you as soon as possible with a booking confirmation, normally within 24 hours on weekdays.

DateDaysName of tripPrice from
27/04/20248Croatia - Dalmatia Explorer
Fully booked
EUR 1,250Book on request
11/05/20248Croatia - Dalmatia Explorer
Private group
EUR 1,250Book on request
25/05/20248Croatia - Dalmatia Explorer
Fully booked
EUR 1,250Book on request
08/06/20248Croatia - Dalmatia Explorer
Fully booked
EUR 1,250Book on request
22/06/20248Croatia - Dalmatia ExplorerEUR 1,250Book on request
06/07/20248Croatia - Dalmatia Explorer
Fully booked
EUR 1,250Book on request
31/08/20248Croatia - Dalmatia Explorer
Fully booked
EUR 1,250Book on request
14/09/20248Croatia - Dalmatia ExplorerEUR 1,250Book on request
28/09/20248Croatia - Dalmatia ExplorerEUR 1,250Book on request
12/10/20248Croatia - Dalmatia ExplorerEUR 1,250Book on request

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