Book your own flight and rental car

Book flights and rent a car on your own or with our help

Flight tickets are usually not included in our trips. You are welcome to book flights and / or car hire on your own. If there are special hours when you should arrive at the destination or depart from the destination it is specified under Travel Information on the page for your trip.

Would you like our help?

Give us a call on +46 8 503 80670 and we will be happy to help you book your flight or rental car.

To be able to book your flight ticket or rental car we will have to ask you for your credit card details, and your credit card will then be charged directly by the airline or car hire company which will also send you the booking confirmation.

If you want our help with flight ticket or rental car you will be charged a service fee of 30 EUR/person.

Cancellations and changes

All flight and rental car bookings are subject to the travel conditions and cancellation policies of the airline/rental car company or flight travel agency. Our own General Travel Conditions and Cancellation Insurance do not apply to airline tickets or rental car bookings.
If you have to cancel or rebook a flight or rental car, we can unfortunately not normally help you. When the booking has been made with the traveler's name and credit card, it must be handled directly between you as a traveler and the airline/rental car company.

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