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France - Bordeaux and Loire

For more than fifteen years we have had the great pleasure to recommend these fantastic trail rides. The owners, Pierre and Sara have done an excellent job. Pierre has now retired and Sara has started a family and they have now handed over all their regular riders to David and his team.

David was more or less born in the saddle. His father bred horses and started leading trail rides more than forty years ago. David both trains guides, leads rides and heads out to find new and exciting routes during the winter months. Obviously, the horses are of the greatest importance and most are born on the farm, living peacefully in herds. 

The rides suit those who ride regularly and are in good physical condition as you will spend approximately five hours each day in the saddle at a high pace over often difficult terrain.

You can choose from several different rides below. Vineyard Ride in Bordeaux, Castles of the Loire and Sparkling ride through the vineyards of Champagne.

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Accommodation & food

You will stay in hotels and guesthouses in double rooms with shower and toilet, sometimes with shower / toilet in the corridor, and change accommodation every night or every second night. Single rooms can be booked in advance for a Single Supplement fee. If there is no one to share a room with the single supplement will be added.

The breakfast is typically French and consists of croissant with jam and coffee or tea. The lunches consist of picnics with cold cuts. Included in the picnic is aperitif, wine, coffee, etc. You will eat your dinners at local restaurants or hotels.


The horses are from southeastern France. They are predominantly crosses between French saddle horses, Anglo-Arabs, but also unknown French crossbreeds. They are alert and confident at the same time calm and good-natured when riding through cities with traffic, etc. 

Comfortable trail riding saddles, saddles made to measure for each horse by JMS. Saddlebags (for small things you may need during the day), poncho, and water are provided. Horses are ridden in “Myler” bits.

Helmets are mandatory.

Weight limit: 90kg, 198 lbs


Travel Information

Ability description: Trail Ride, level 3 >>  

The required level is "confident rider" classical English style. Experienced rider who masters the 3 paces (walk, rising trot, canter in a forward seat) on a varied terrain, in open spaces and for long distances. Regular riding, good physical condition. Riders on a day ride for 5 to 6 hours a day. If they judge that a rider does not have the required level, he/she will not continue riding and will be able to continue the trip with the logistics. A 300 Euro fee for the repatriation of his horse, will be charged without any refund of the stay. They have decided that from July 1, 2023 onwards, they will test riders on horseback on the 1st day before departure on horseback. They thus reserve the right to immediately stop any rider(s) who do not have the required level. They will continue their stay with the logistics team. They will be able to make all the scheduled visits, and eat with the riders for lunch and dinner.

Included in the price: 7 nights, 6 days riding according to programs below, full board incl. wine, beer, water etc at picknick lunches.

Not included: Flights, train to the meeting points (see each program for airports and meetingpoints), transfer, Beverages in restaurants, visit entrance fees and wine tastings.

Riding: Trail rides with change of accomodation. 5-6 hours ridning/day. 

Single room: Can be booked with a supplement. For price click on ”Book on request” under Dates & prices.  If there is no one to share a room with, a single supplement will be added.

Currency: Euro
Credit card: Not accepted by riding center but most of hotels and B&Bs.
Tipping: Not required but appreciated.

Wifi: Yes in most of the hotels and guesthouses.
Electricity jack: 220V

Group size: Min. 5 and max 10.
Age limit: 12 years accompanied by an adult.

Pool: Yes

Riding equipment to borrow: Bring your own helmet (mandatory)
Saddle bag available: Yes
Special diet: Inform when booking
Luggage: Only one soft suitcase, max 20kg and a small « day pack »
Bring your own water bottle

Feedback from our travellers

France - Vineyard Ride in Bordeaux

Join us for a long ride around Bordeaux, the world's wine capital. Horses and riders take the ferry across the river to see Fort Blaye. The ride continues through the vineyards and you can enjoy long gallops. At lunchtime, you will enjoy some great picnics and wine tasting. This tour takes you past...

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France - Sparkling ride through the vineyards of Champagne

We offer you an exciting trail on horseback to explore the Champagne region and its variety of vineyards. Our trail will take you around the « Montagne de Reims » – a wooded plateau whose slopes are the so-called "Pinot Noir kingdom" (a famous grape variety). We will also ride along the...

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France - Castles of the Loire

Beautiful castles, medieval towns and good wine make this ride very varied and enjoyable. Shimmering rivers, beautiful castles, medieval towns and good wine make this an exceptional ride. During this tour, you will discover why the French Kings preferred to live in the Loire Valley rather than Paris...

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