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Experience the perfection of dressage in Sudharz, Germany, with a focus on seat training. By combining the idyllic beauty of Sudharz with the precision of dressage, we offer a unique riding experience. Your instructor will guide you through carefully crafted lessons to improve your seat, create harmony with your horse, and allow you to enjoy every step of the way. Explore the picturesque surroundings while deepening your understanding of dressage.

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Germany, Südharz

5 days From EUR 517

- Classical dressage - - In beautiful Südharz, just over an hour's drive from Leipzig, you have the chance to get excellent private lessons on very well trained horses. Alexandra, who own the equestrian center, is also your instructor. She is a very popular and active instructor and she is also a dressage judge. Like most professionals she knows that the seat is the foundation for really good riding. Depending on your prior experience and preferences, you will train at different stag...Read more

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