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Italy, Molise - Two Parks Trail

Trek through the National Parks of Abruzzo and Majella.

7 nights, 5 ½ days ridning, approx 7-8 hours per day during trail.  Min. 5 persons and max. 8-10.

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Preliminary day-by-day program

You are expected to arrive on Saturday evening at the farm-house. After a welcome drink there will be dinner with your host/guide. A three-course Italian dinner will be served every night, accompanied by local wines.

The morning is yours. You may sleep late, take your time over breakfast, do whatever you like. Before lunch there is a safety-briefing. Then we groom and saddle up the horses, followed by a short demonstration in western riding. After lunch we do a test-ride (three hours) to enable you to get acquainted with the horse you are going to ride on the trek. In the evening we visit the new riding centre included a bistro from our host close by and get served dinner in the bistro.

After breakfast you get in the saddle and ride through large stretches of wood and fields until you reach the picnic place, Campo Lungo. Here you can listen to exciting storys from your host he knows from that place. After lunch you pass the remains of a Samnitic temple. In the afternoon you arrive at your destination for today, the horses go into a paddock and you return by car to the farm-house and cook a nice dinner. 

In the morning you are brought to the horses and at about 11.00 a.m. the ride will start. You follow the Tratturo Celano-Foggia. A Tratturo is a 2.000 years old track that is still used to move cattle from the far south where grass is scarce in summer. You continue along the Tratturo as far as the river Sangro. Here the Tratturo begins to be very wild and quite overgrown leaving us narrow paths to follow. The horses stay overnight at a riding centre, which also features a restaurant. You will enjoy dinner there before heading for a nearby hotel for the night.

Today’s destination is the town of Roccararso . The trail takes you through increasingly high mountains. Arriving at the top of the pass you have a picnic and can enjoy two very different panoramas. Looking back you have the hilly landscape of Molise. In front of you the Majella National Park that welcomes you with its high mountains and vast valleys. At the end of the afternoon you canter through one of these valleys.  Roccararso will be your base for the next two nights. It is a locally well-known skiing-resort. Dinner will be at your hotel. 

Today you enter the Abruzzo National Park. The first part of the trail leads us to the Piano delle cinque Miglia (the Valley of the five Miles). Hereyou enjoy a long canter! At the end of the valley tall mountains loom up at either side. A gravel road takes you to the Montagna Spaccata (split mountain) where benches under old oak trees tempt us to stop. Then you turn left and the scenery becomes different, a bit like a lunar landscape with a little lake. At the end of the day a skiing track takes us down the mountain. The horses will be left at the stable. The riders go back to the hotel. Having spent about 7 hours on horseback you are bound to be longing for a drink in there. Later you meet for dinner in another restaurant.

You leave the 2 Parks and starting to Rocca5miglia, a town where the time seems to stand still. Nearby you have a picnic before you go downhill to the valley of the river Sangro again. But now you follow the river along the Park of the town with the same name, Castel di Sangro. Here the inhabitants can find some outdooractivities. Now the last stage of the week starts. Our destination is Sandra’s riding centre in Alfedena where you and the horses find comfortable accommodations. But at least lets enjoy a canter before you pass the town and arriving for a dinner with Pizza!

Departure after breakfast from Alfedena to Isernia. Transfercost 25 EUR.

N.B. Due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances the programme may have to be adapted.

Dates and prices

"Book on request" means that we cannot confirm your booking immediately, but we will get back to you as soon as possible with a booking confirmation, normally within 24 hours on weekdays.

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