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Iceland, South

Small groups, quality horses and expert guides!

Riding in Iceland has in many ways turned in to an industry, with a large- scale focus, mix between beginners and experienced rides, horses that cannot tolt and so called guides from other countries with no local knowledge. 

We are so happy that we have found Robert and Eija, a professional yo couple who more or less were born on horseback. Both chose the Icelandic horse as career. Growing up they educated, bred and competed. They are lucky to have their base at Roberts familys farm that has 300 hectares of land where they breed horses and milk cows. The farm is located close to the vulcano Helka with its lava beaches, water falls, and endless of unspoilt nature. 

At the farm they have about 70 horses, around 20 are used for the trailrides. There is also one stallion. One of the reasons that Robert wanted to start with trails rides is that he did not want to sell his nice horses, he wanted to keep them so that he could make sure that they were well taken care of nad could keep their good tolt. These horses can be compared to private owned competition horses. The passion shines through when talking to Robert and Eija about their horses and trail rides in this magical nature. Since childhood they have sepnt weekends and holidays on horseback in different cabins without any modern facilities and that has given them nature and horse experiences that has to be experienced. 

As a rider from another country, it is incredibly enriching and rewarding to get to know this genuine Icelandic horse culture. On the rides there are always a herd of wild horses,  which is also unique. So if you want to take advantage of the best that Iceland can offer regarding high quality horses, nature and hosting, the choice is easy. Ride with Robert and Eija.

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Accommodation & food

On the trailride you will stay the first and last night near the horsefarm. There you will stay in twin rooms with bathroom outside the room, the rest of the nights you will stay in the familys cabin. It is so quiet and peaceful and extremely beautiful with the river right next to you and the mountains in the background. The accommodation is basic in bunkbeds in the big cabin. There is a kitchen and bathroom in the house. The shower is in another building. On the winter ride you stay all nights at the horsefarm.

Every day starts with a steady breakfast and after that you make your won lunchpack that you bring in the saddlebag. Dinner is cooked and served in the cabin in the evening, it is served with wine for those who wants that. 


Robert and Eija


At the farm they have abouit 70 horses, around 20 of them are used for the rides. They also have one stallion. This riding center is different from others, you get to ride well educated horses of high quality, that is it is no regular trail horses. One of the reasons that Robert wanted to start with trails rides is that he did not want to sell his nice horses, he wanted to keep them so that he could make sure that they were well taken care of nad could keep their good tolt. These horses can be compared to private owned competition horses. 

You will ride a horse that suits your level of riding. All riders must know how to handle a horse in all gaits, these rides are for experienced riders. Normally you ride 5-10 km on one horse, after that there is a short break and you change to another horse. This way the horses will stay happy and energetic. The flock of wild horses will accompany you every day. Each rider rides 2-3 horses per day. Given the high quality of the horses, it is a pleasure!

Hekla Trail Ride

Hekla Trail Ride

7 days: 6 nights / 5 riding days / ca. 130 km

Preliminary day-by-day program

DAY 1 / Arrival: 
We pick our guests up in Reykjavik BSI, bus station at 17:00 and drive to your accommodation at Selalækur Country Guesthouse (about 1,5 hrs). We will have a welcoming dinner where we get to know each other and go through the program of your riding holiday.
Accommodation: Double room with shared bathroom and other facilities

DAY 2 / Horse farm - Kirkjubær (20 km): 
After breakfast we pick you up and head to our farm. We start in the paddock to get to know the horses and have basic riding instructions. Then off we go! We ride over a bridge and past a cultural place called Oddi á Rangárvöllum. Finally we arrive in Gunnarsholt, where our horses will be staying until the next morning. 
Accommodation: Double room with shared bathroom and other facilities

DAY 3 / Kirkjubær - Foss (20 km): 
From Kirkjubær we head towards the highlands. Riding on ancient viking paths surrounded by old lava and purple lupin fields. Eventually we follow a gravel road up to our mountain cottage at Foss where we spend the night by the riverside of Eystri-Rangá. 
Accommodation: Mountain cottage

DAY 4 / Foss - Hungurfit (25 km):
Today we keep on going higher to the mountains. Now we are quite close to the volcano Hekla, explaining the extensive lava fields which our guests have sometimes compared to Mordor from Lord Of The Rings! We follow Eystri-Rangá river until we finally reach Hungurfit, placed right north of Tindfjallajökull glacier. Our horses spend the night at Hungurfit but we drive back to Foss. 
Accommodation: Mountain cottage

DAY 5 / Hungurfit - Foss (25 km):
We meet our horses up at Hungurfit again and head back, going a slightly different way down. If the sky is clear, we’ll get a great view over the lowlands. When we arrive in Foss, our last highland dinner will be served; Icelandic lamb meat from our own farm! We spend the night enjoying the fresh breeze and the sound of the river flowing by.
Accommodation: Mountain cottage

DAY 6 / Foss - farm (40 km):
Time to leave Foss and cross the river Eystri-Rangá. You will really feel the spirits of the horses who know they are on the way back home! Tölting on a joyful horse, on soft grounds, in their natural environment surrounded by mountains and glaciers! You’ll feel invincible! We follow an ancient route down along the river Fiská, passing the waterfall Tungufoss before we get all the way down to the lowlands. We ride through the small town Hvolsvöllur, cross the river Þverá until we finally arrive back in our farm. You’ll get some time to say goodbye to our beloved horses before we drive you to your accommodation at Selalækur Country Guesthouse, where our last dinner will be served.
Accommodation: Double room with a shared bathroom and other facilities

DAY 7 / Departure: 
Back to reality. After breakfast, you will be picked up at 10:00 and arrive back in Reykjavik around 13:00. 

Travel Information

Ability descriptionTrail ride level 2-3

Included in the price: Hekla trail ride: 6 nights, 5 days riding, fullboard incl. wine with dinner, return transfer from Reykjavik bus station

Not included: Flight, bus to Reykjavik bus station

Travel: Fly to Iceland, Keflavik

Arrival:  Pick up at 17.00 at Reykjaviks bus station on arrival day.

Season: Specific dates

Single room: No single rooms are available

Group size: Min. 4 and max. 8. 

Currency: Icelandic crown (ISK). 
Credit card: Not accepted at the riding center, only cash
Tip: Not expected but appreciated

Wifi: At the farm yes, in the cabin no
Electricity jack: Standard EU 2 plug
Pool: No

Riding equipment to borrow: Helmet, raingear
Other equipment to borrow: Sleeping bag, pillow, towel
If you bring your own riding equipment it has to be disinfected. Do not bring riding gloves. 
Special diet: Inform when booking.



Dates and prices

DateDaysName of tripPrice from
15/08/20217Iceland - Hekla Trail RideEUR 1,590Book on request
29/08/20217Iceland - Hekla Trail RideEUR 1,590Book on request

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