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Dressage training

Dressage training

Develop your riding sense on one of our dressage programs if you for example:

- Have your own dressage horse and want to develop by riding several different horses
- Currently ride at a riding school but need some intensive training to develop further
- Rode a lot when you were young and want to get that ‘sense’ back again quickly
- Have a young horse but want the chance to practice on more well trained horses
- Want to try more advanced movements
- Want to learn more about training in other countries

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Trail rides

Trail rides

Discover the world in the best way – on horseback! We have trail rides for all tastes.

- Everyone can join – an experienced rider gets a lively horse and a less experienced gets a quiet horse
- Excitement – A lively horse for an experienced rider provides the similar enjoyment as a quiet horse for a less experienced
- Enjoyment – Lots of laughs, a relaxed body and soul after an active day
- Experiences – Galloping for miles along beaches, climbing mountains, riding between castles

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Western riding

Western riding

Develop your Western Riding. We have western riding destinations if you want to:

- Try different western riding disciplines
- Develop further in one particular discipline
- Combine lessons in western riding with lovely hacking
- Learn more about how western horses are trained in different parts of the world

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Allround training

Allround training

Develop your riding knowledge in different disciplines. We have riding holiday destinations if you:

- Want to combine dressage and jumping during your stay
- Want to decide once you are there if you want to train or do some hacking or even do some cross-country
- Want to practice dressage and jumping in a warmer climate

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Develop your technique and touch in jumping and cross-country if you for example:

- Want to get your jumping confidence back
- Think that you don’t get to jump enough at your riding school and that you have become a little scared of heights
- Want to try different cross-country jumps on secure horses
- Have a young horse at home and want to get a few tips on training
- Want to try higher jumps than you can on your riding school horse

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