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It is well known in equestrian circles how fantastic it is to ride on the Great Hungarian Plain. You can ride across what feels like an almost unlimited area, often without fencing. In addition to this, we can also offer a very special part Swedish-owned ranch where you do western riding and experience hospitality of the highest quality.

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Hungary - Puszta Trail Ride

4 days From EUR 520

Hungary’s almost unlimited space makes it ideal for riders. Here's your chance to experience Puszta on a trail ride with Maja and her fine horses. During this week you will get to know the Hungarian countryside and enjoy tasty meals and experience fast-paced riding on beautiful horses. After a test ride it's off to the south, through woods, up on the rolling hills and on to the Puszta. Ther are large sprawling fields and open spaces as far as the eye can see and the chance for long uninterrupted...Read more

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