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Denmark, Römö - Mandö Weekend

Mandö weekend

If you want to experience a lot of nature experiences and riding during a weekend, choose Mandö weekend. In addition to the beautiful island of Römö, you can ride across the seabed to the island of Mandö. Here the equestrian center has a small farm, called Mandøgården. This base gives you a lot of opportunities to explore the island on horseback.

Included: 1 night at the hotel in standard double/ twin room 25 m², 2 nights at Mandögården with shared bathroom in the hallway, fullboard with drinks (no alcohol, beer and wine can be bought). 
Minimum 6 riders. If there are less then 6 riders the Mandö tour will be changed in a full day Römö trip.

150 DKK/person extra if you need transfer from the riding centre to Mandö.

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Preliminiary program

Thursday: Arrival and check-in from 3.00 pm. When checking in at the reception, you will also receive the riding program and when you will meet tomorrow. Dinner is between 18.00 -20.00, three-course menu / buffet.

Friday: In addition to the beautiful island of Römö, the island of Mandö is also available to explore. Here there are only 35 residents so winter time is very quiet. Here the equestrian center has a small farm, called Mandøgården. With this base, a lot of opportunities are offered to explore the nearby island of Mandø on horseback. On this ride, the exact start time cannot be determined until 1-2 days before due to the tide so it can be accomplished. In the stable in the morning the horses are brushed and loaded into horse trailer. They are driven to Vester Vedstad where the horses are unloaded and saddled and the adventure begins. There are trees down in the seabed that mark the path that is best to take to reach Mandö. The horses tussle bravely through the water. This historic road is not suitable for cars as it is rarely completely dry. You ride across moors and along the beach and pass through Mandö's only Mandø City. Then you reach Mandögården where you will spend two nights. 

Saturday- 3,5 hours riding to Koresand Today you will experience some of Denmark's most unique and untouched nature areas on the horseback. At Koresand, you have the chance to see gems, seals, a rich bird life and not a tourist or car within sight! Koresand is a ca. 24 km2 large sandbank in the Wadden Sea southwest of Mandö. The area is also called the wet desert and for good reason. There is sand as far as the eye can see. If you go far enough, you see neither land nor water. Although Koresand gets bigger and bigger every year, there is no vegetation or permanent dunes as the whole area is still covered by the sea during the storm. It is an absolutely amazing freedom to walk, tolt and gallop across the flat sand, with the feeling that there is not end to it. Plenty of space, the sea all around, good views and no people, it makes Koresand the perfect home for hundreds of seals as well as thousands of birds. After about 3½ hours of riding you are at Mandögården again.

Sunday: 2 hours riding to Vester Vedstad - After breakfast you saddle the horses and begin the ride across the seabed to Vester Vedsted. First you will enjoy lovely riding over the vast beach and then again cross the sea on the sea floor when it is possible given the tides. Back at Römö, transport is waiting for you and the horses to come home to the stable and the hotel. The riding weekend is already over so next time you want to be here for a week. Departure after 13.00 approx.

OBS! If the weather makes it impossible to ride out to Mandö, eg storm or high water level, then there will be long rides on Römö instead.

Dates and prices

"Book on request" means that we cannot confirm your booking immediately, but we will get back to you as soon as possible with a booking confirmation, normally within 24 hours on weekdays.

DateDaysName of tripPrice from
01/08/20244Denmark, Römö - Mandö WeekendEUR 740Book on request
08/08/20244Denmark, Römö - Mandö WeekendEUR 740Book on request
15/08/20244Denmark, Römö - Mandö WeekendEUR 740Book on request
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