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Sweden, Western Paradise on Gotland

Going to Gotland feels like to go abroad. It's not just the holiday atmosphere in Visby, but the island's special scenery and characteristic houses that create an atmosphere reminiscent of southern latitudes. This is where Lisa has built up a real western riding paradise.

For over ten years, she has renovated this beautiful eighteenth century farm, somewhat reminiscent of Pippi Longstocking’s house. It is now completed with guest rooms, large stables, twenty western-trained horses and, as icing on the cake, a real saloon. Lisa has ridden all her life, but mainly with a focus on classic style and especially jumping. Gradually, Lisa became fascinated by western riding and is now an avid western rider.

For those of who you think it would be exciting to ride western style, you have an exciting opportunity to gain an insight into the basics. For those who are already experienced western riders, you can hone your skills even further. For those of you who ride regularly at home, things will obviously move more quickly, but those of you who do not ride much are also welcome. You are divided into groups and the teaching is adapted to your level of knowledge.

You can try different styles of western riding. Lisa's specialty is equipment styles such as trail and ranch trail She also ride dressage (for pleasure), and horsemanship.

Good riding combined with good and plentiful food. Lisa is a charcutier, and also operates a catering company so you will be very well looked after even during meals. The saloon is fully licensed so there is a chance you will have some fun, late nights.

The riding is a mix of lessons and rides. A ride on Gotland is a ride with lots of history, and there are old stone cairns and stone fences to be seen everywhere. You pass beautiful old limestone buildings that recall Gotland’s fascinating history. Wildlife is abundant, with sheep in particular running, bleating and leaping around everywhere. But the western horses is, of course, known for its calm temperament so they are not troubled.

One ride heads to the seashore and if you are in luck you will see one of the beautiful white-tailed eagles that usually float around in search of prey.

Just as it should be, rides usually end in the saloon and in the unlikely event someone takes a fall, they ‘shout’ the bar a round of drinks. The days events are relived and the stories get better in the telling, and everyone ends up better riders than Seb Macahan.

Number of riders are 4-14 in the group.

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You stay on the farm in double, triple or four-bed rooms. There is also a small cottage next to the main house. Sheets and towels included. Three common toilet and shower rooms are available adjacent to the accommodation.

A big breakfast buffet is served in the breakfast room. For lunch and dinner you will be offered homemade food in the saloon, which includes complete meals. For dinner, you always get two dishes. Lisa is a chef and prepares wonderful food.

Long Weekend Program

This program is preliminary and subject to change due to weather and other external circumstances. We are flexible and this is only a rough guide, any special requests can usually be accommodated on site.

14:00 Earliest arrival
16:00 You are welcomed, a quick rundown on the program and allocation of horses. Introduction to western riding, about 1.5 hrs. 
Dinner 19:00

Breakfast 8:00
9:00 Get the horses from the field
10:00 to 11:30 Riding lesson 
12.30 Lunch
14:00 Ride out to the sea
16.30 Coffee and theory in the tack room. Lisa explains about the equipment, why and when they use the various equipment
18.30 Dinner

8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Get the horses from the field.
10:00 Riding, lesson e.g test some trail obstacles
12.30 Lunch
14:00 Ride out in the nature
16:00 Coffee break
18:00 Dinner
Mingel and a chance to lassoing

8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Get the horses from the field
10:00 Optional ride or lesson on the arena
12.00 Lunch
14:00 End of program


About 25 horses (some ponies). There are quarters, half-bloods, North Swedes and western crosses. All horses are well trained, many of them for competitions.


Travel Information

Ability description: Trail Ride Level 1-3 >>

Included in the price: 2 or 3 nights, riding according to program, full board (excl. drinks)

Not included: Flights, ferry, bus, drinks.

Travel: Book flight/rental car >> 
Flight: To Visby, about 60 km (37 miles) to the farm.
Ferry: Daily ferry from Nynashamn or Oskarshamn to Visby, Gotland. Time table and price for the ferry

You can take the bus nr 10, 11 or 12  from Visby and be picked up in Hemse. Find local bus time table at

Transfer: Book in advance with HorseXplore.
From Hemse to the farm. about 10 km (6 miles).
Call the equestrian center when you get on the bus.

Single room: Not available

Season: May - October

Arrival: Thursday 2.00-4.00 pm.
Departure: Sunday after 2.00 pm.

Currency: SEK
Credit card: Yes, accepted by equestrian center.
Tipping: Not expected.

Wifi: Yes
Electricity jack: EU standard

Group size: Min. 4 and max. 14
Age limit: 10 years old accompanied by relative.

Beach: About 2 km away.
Pool: No

Misc.: Dogs are welcome.
Riding equipment to borrow: Helmet, safety west
Special diet: Inform when booking.

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Dates and prices

"Book on request" means that we cannot confirm your booking immediately, but we will get back to you as soon as possible with a booking confirmation, normally within 24 hours on weekdays.

DateDaysName of tripPrice from
06/06/20244Sweden, Gotland - WesternWeekendEUR 490Book on request
04/07/20244Sweden, Gotland - WesternWeekendEUR 490Book on request
18/07/20244Sweden, Gotland - WesternWeekend
Fully booked
EUR 490Book on request
25/07/20244Sweden, Gotland - WesternWeekendEUR 490Book on request
01/08/20244Sweden, Gotland - WesternWeekend
Fully booked
EUR 490Book on request
05/09/20244Sweden, Gotland - WesternWeekendEUR 490Book on request
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