Develop your Western Riding

Our riding destinations if you want to:
- Try different western riding disciplines
- Develop further in one particular discipline
- Combine lessons in western riding with lovely hacking
- Learn more about how western horses are trained in different parts of the world

Argentina and Chile

For more than ten years, Eduardo and his team have explored their homeland, Argentina. They can now offer you several different riding adventures, from comfortable ranch stays on the Pampas to breathtaking expeditions over the Andes to Chile. All the guides are well trained and speak fluent English. The rides have been designed to show you Argentina’s ....Read more »

Argentina, Corrientes

Fernando will welcome you to the Province of Corrientes, which sits on the border with Uruguay and is known for its wide-open plains, the Pampas. Ranchers here live in beautiful Estancias, or ranch houses. Argentina’s cowboys, known as Gauchos, herd cattle on horseback and distances are still counted in how long it takes to ride between different ....Read more »

Bulgaria - Balkan Mountains

Trail Rides in the ‘Bulgarian Switzerland’ In the central Bulgarian Mountains lies the village of Apriltsi. This is where the sealed roads end and wheel tracks lead up into the mountains and where your adventure awaits. This beautiful area is called the Bulgarian Switzerland and has been an inspiration for many artists throughout the years ....Read more » From EUR 885


- Cowboy on a Working Guest Ranch - This Canadian Ranch is hidden in the beautiful Saskatchewan River Valley and has 15 kilometers of beach along Lake Diefenbaker. Here you are welcomed by George, who has a working cattle guest ranch where he breeds calves and works with the cattle in the traditional way using horses. When new calves come to the world ....Read more » From EUR 1,120

Great Britain, Dartmoor

Explore the mythical and beautiful Dartmoor Heathland. The morning mist of Dartmoor National Park’s mythical landscape has inspired many writers, including Agatha Christie. The heathland is incredibly beautiful and bordered by rattling cattle grids that prevent the wild herds of ponies from leaving the area. Your hosts and guides, Phil and Mandi, ....Read more » From EUR 895

Italy, Molise - Two Parks Trail

Trek through the National Parks of Abruzzo and Majella. 7 nights, 5 ½ days ridning, approx 7-8 hours per day during trail.  Min. 5 persons and max. 8-10. Click here for more information>>Read more » From EUR 1,280

Italy, Florence

Franco has been hosting riders for 20 years, and has become well known both in Italy and other countries for his quality horses and experienced guides. Franco is a skilled guide and horseman with years of experience as a horse trainer and riding instructor. The horses are very well trained and ridden in the western style. The farm is located in the ....Read more »

Italy, Molise

A holiday at this location is ideal for those looking to get away from it all. You will be riding in a very unspoilt area of Italy, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are several trail riding with varying levels of difficulty, including riding in valleys, fields, hills and mountains on lovely responsive horses, some of whom ....Read more »


Visit this fascinating country with its colorful people, tasteful food, tropical climate and exciting culture. It is an elegant and tastefully decorated ranch for the active guest with high quality requirements for comfort and interest in good food and drinks. You will be welcomed already at the airport and then driven about 1.5 hours to the ranch. ....Read more » From EUR 2,670

Hungary, Budapest Ranch Stay

You don’t have to go all the way to the US to be a cowboy. After just a few hours flying time, you can pull on your western boots and swing yourself up on a nice American Quarter Horse, Appaloosa or why not a Paint. This ranch has its origins in its owner's genuine interest in western and horses. It was a private ranch and stud farm, but ....Read more » From EUR 390


Here everything is about love, even the name states it, sLOVEnia.  "Slovenia will be one of the most beautiful countries you've ever seen," says the travel guide Lonely Planet.  You will also be very well looked after. During the weekly trail you will stay in a small town an hour's drive from Ljubljana in a cozy guesthouse. ....Read more » From EUR 650

Sweden, Western Paradise on Gotland

Going to Gotland feels like to go abroad. It's not just the holiday atmosphere in Visby, but the island's special scenery and characteristic houses that create an atmosphere reminiscent of southern latitudes. This is where Lisa has built up a real western riding paradise. For over ten years, she has renovated this beautiful eighteenth century ....Read more » From EUR 393

United States, Arizona – Cowboy in the Wild West

Welcome to a beautiful "guest ranch" with great riding in magical countryside with lots of cacti. When you are not riding, there are also lots of other things to do. The ranch has been owned by the same family since the 1960s. The family's goal is to provide a homely ranch atmosphere without compromising the quality of the accommodation, ....Read more » From EUR 1,400

United States, Idaho - Horsedrive

This horse drive is one of the toughest and yet most rewarding adventures you will ever have on horseback. With the help of your horse and other guests, together you will herd around 40 horses for nearly 20 miles each day. This drive is for those looking for a real authentic, fast paced, American horse drive. The ranch is located in the beautiful Idaho ....Read more » From EUR 2,295

United States, Wyoming – Cowboy State Number 1

Do you want to get away from big city bustle and experience great isolated expanses like a real cowboy? Here you will find more cattle than people. Nowhere else has as many cowboys as Wyoming. There are lots of ranches and during the summer almost every small town has its own rodeo. Cowboys get around the old fashioned way - on horseback. Wyoming is ....Read more » From EUR 1,390
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