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Finland - Finnish Lapland

Welcome to an authentic family owned farm in Finnish Lapland, close to Levi travel resort. There friendly and happy Alaskan husky dogs, original Finnhorses, reindeer and staff are looking forward to meeting you!
Apart from experiencing beautiful nature, you will also learn about the culture and life in this Sami region and how to handle life without all modernities. You can choose between a short stationary ride or a longer wilderness trail ride where you stay in different remote cottages without electricity and running water. It´s really a great adventure and very different from the every day life of most people today. It gives you time to relax and enjoy the silence. 

In this peaceful surroundings you will get time for reflection. Together with your fourlegged partner in the wilderness you may realize the value of not being on line 24/7. It´s a fantastic experience and worth a try!

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Program, Weekend

Day 1: Friday: arrival day
10.00 am: Arrival at 10.00am. When everyone has arrived, you are offered some snacks and then you get to meet the horses for a test ride in the paddock
13: Lunch 
14: Transfer to cabins (walking, fatbike and luggage with quad)
16: Afternoon horseriding in the paddock or in the forest depending on your wishes. 
19: Possibility to sauna at cabins before the dinner. Overnight in cabins. 

Day 2: Saturday activity day
8: Breakfast (coffee/tea, orange juice, porridge, jam,  bread, cheese, salami, ham, boiled eggs)  
9: Transfer to farm (walking, fatbike)
9:15 A whole day horse riding tour in forest to Pöntsö, lunch during the horse riding. After grooming horses and leaving them to field is time for Galleria visit with coffee/tea and cake , transfer back to farm by car.
17: Some snacks.
20: after sauna dinner is served.

Day 3: Sunday Departure
8: breakfast
9: Transfer to Pöntsö
9:15 Horse riding back to the farm for lunch.
14: Time to say goodbye and transfer to the airport

It is possible to book an extra night at the stable for 120e/person/in a shared cabin with 2 people. The price includes a light evening snack and breakfast.

Winter and spring seasons
In the darker seasons with less day light, the outdoor program is a mix of winter sports such as riding, husky riding and sleigh riding. 

Program, Wilderness Trail Ride

Welcome to experience the Nordic wildnerness with Finnish horses! During this 6 days holiday you ride through diverse landscapes in the Pöyrisjärvi lake area that partly follow the old tradition routes of reindeer farmers. This is traditional Sami region. You stay overnight in cabins without electricity and running water. During the trail you take care of your riding horse, and in the evening we build paddocks to the horses. The horses are safe and used to be handled and ridden by different riders.

Preliminary program

The trail takes place in wilderness where you participate in taking care of the horses in the mornings and evenings after the daily rides. 

Day 1 You will be met at Kittilä airport and taken to the horse and husky ranch near Levi. You get to know the other riders, enjoy a tasty dinner and stay overnight in Aurora eco cabins for 2 people/cabin.

Day 2 After breakfast you pack your things and will be driven to the horses in Näkkälä village in Enontekiö. After getting to know the horses, the trail starts. Todays ride is appr 15-18 km along sand roads over the hills in the Lapland forests. There will be an open fire picnic along the way. In the afternoon you will arrive to a desert cabin where you will have dinner and stay overnight surrounded by clean nature. 

Day 3 After breakfast you saddle up and ride over the hills to the Pöyrisjärvi Sand Lake area which is famous for its treeless beauty. The terrain is mainly treeless sandy hillocks and fells with small beautiful streams and lakes, bogs and hills. The lunch is an open fire picnic. This is a region where reindeer farmers carry out their summer activities. Todays ride is appr 25 km and you will dine and stay overnight in a desert cabin by the lake with no electricity, no wifi and no running water. 

Day 4 The next day you will get to know the Pöyrisjärvi area. Today’s ride is appr 25 km and there will be several soft canters in the sandy nature. You will learn about life in this region and enjoy the beauty of this exceptional nature and landscape. Overnight in the same cabin as yesterday.

Day 5 After breakfast the ride back to the village Näkkälä starts. The riding distance today is ca. 25 km. Another beautiful spot is perfect for a picnic lunch along the way by a campfire. In the late afternoon you will return to Näkkälä. After taking care of the horses you will be driven to the camp, where you can enjoy the sauna and a delicious farewell dinner. And finally a relaxing sleep in the Aurora wilderness cabins.

Day 6 After breakfast it’s time to say goodbye to the beautiful sceneries of Lapland and your guide who takes you to the airport.


During the weekend program you will stay in beautiful Aurora wilderness cabins which are situated 1,5 km from the camp, on a peaceful spot in the middle of wilderness. The cabins have twinbeds, table and chairs, an eco-toilet and hand wash. No shower in the cabins. Parts of the walls and the ceiling is made of glass. 
You can use the sauna and shower of the main resort which is located at the main house 1,5km from the cabins. 
The cabins use solar power and have 12 volt electricity.

During the trail, you will stay first and last nights in the wilderness cabins by the stable and 3 nights in the beautiful wilderness in simple cabins with no electricity, no running water and no wifi and with outdoor toilet. Bring your own sleeping bag or rent it on site for 25e/person/week. The first cabin has a sauna. The second cabin is located by the lake where you can have a swim. 
The first and last night (on the arrival and departure) you will stay overnight at the ranch near Levi in Aurora Eco cabins with twin beds, eco toilets and hand wash. You can use the sauna and shower of the main resort which is located at the main house 1,5 km from the cabins. 
The cabins use solar power and have 12 volt electricity.

Healthy and tasty traditional cooking with Lapland specialities. Partly open air cooking in the lake area. Special diet on request in advance.



There are 7 cold blood Finnish horses at the farm. The characteristics of the breed are individuals who are strong, stable, loyal, intelligent and friendly. They are suitable for riding, trotting, carriage and field work.They are 150-165 cm high


Travel Information

Ability description: Trail Ride Level 2-3 >>

Included in the price:
2 nights, 3 days riding, full board and snack incl. non-alcoholic drinks (you can bring your own wine and beer if you wish)
Wilderness Trail Ride: 5 nights, 4 days riding, full board incl. non-alcoholic drinks (you can bring your own wine and beer if you wish). In Wilderness Trail Ride programs : the transfer from Kittilä or Levi to the ranch is included in the price.

Not included: Travel to Kittilä or Kolari. Transfer in weekend programs starting from 1.1.2021. 

Airplane:  Closest airport is Kittila airport. Rovaniemi airport is possible.
Train: Train station Kolari. From Kolari, take the train or bus to Kittilä or Levi.

Transfers: Inform HorseXplore in advance of your transfer need and pay it on site. In weekend programs from 1.1.2021 transfer to the ranch from Kittilä costs 20e/pers/one way, and from Levi 10eur/pers/one way. 

Single rooms: There are no single rooms.

Meals: Healthy and tasty traditional cooking. Partly open air cooking in the lake area. Special diet on request in advance.

Season: Open all year, special dates. Feel free to enquire more dates from Horsexplore

Arrival / departure:  Weekend: Arrive the first day in the morning, departure the last day after lunch. Wilderness Trail Ride: Arrive the in the first day for meeting the group and having a dinner at the ranch. Departure the last day after breakfast. 

Group size: Minimum number of guests 2, maximum number of guests 7. Wilderness Trail Ride: Minimum number of guests 4, maximum number of guests 8

Age limit: 12 years, together with parent.

Currency: EUR

Wifi: No

Electricity: No electricity in the lake area. The ecocabins in Levi use solar power and have 12 volt electricity

Beach: The Pöyrisjärvi lake is in a natural sand area. It is possible to swim in the lake.
Pool: No. There is sauna and outdoor shower at the main house yard

Dates and prices

"Book on request" means that we cannot confirm your booking immediately, but we will get back to you as soon as possible with a booking confirmation, normally within 24 hours on weekdays.

DateDaysName of tripPrice from
05/07/20243Finland - Finnish Lapland, WeekendEUR 715Book on request
22/08/20243Finland - Finnish Lapland, WeekendEUR 715Book on request
19/09/20243Finland - Finnish Lapland, WeekendEUR 715Book on request

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