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Greenland is not a mass tourism location, but rather somewhere for the discerning traveller who is searching for unique experiences in a magnificent, clean natural environment and an exciting culture.

Greenland is the world's largest island, located where the North Atlantic and the Arctic Oceans meet. Greenland is 85% covered with ice and glaciers, which can be up up to 3 kilometers (2 miles) thick.

Despite covering an area of nearly 2 million square kilometers (772,204 square miles) only about 56,000 people live there. The fishing and hunting of seals, birds, wild reindeer and musk oxen are still the main sources of income.

Your hosts, Piitaq and Naasu, who are third generation sheep farmers with over 500 sheep, will welcome you to southern Greenland. On this trail ride they would like to show you the most beautiful parts of southern Greenland, with its sheep farms, high mountains and deep valleys, waterfalls, glaciers and beautiful fjords dotted with icebergs.

The hostel is located by the sea and is located just 10 minutes by boat from Narsarsuaq International Airport.

Enjoy this majestic landscape from horseback.

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Accommodation and Food

Accommodation is in basic guesthouse/hostel. There are 7 single rooms and 3 shared rooms with one bunkbed, in total there are 6 bathrooms with toilets. Dining room / living room / kitchen. There is a basement with a washing machine as well, this is also available for the guests. There is also Wifi in the hostel but not in the farm.

The hostel in the farm is a house with 4 bedrooms, all shared rooms and there are often other guests when we stay there. You can choose if you want to stay in the farm for the two days or drive back  to the hostel (where you already have your own room). 

Safe deposit box: No
A/C: No
Hair Dryer: No
Towels and sheets: Yes. Bring sleeping bag for the farm if you like to stay there.
Fridge: One to share.

You prepare your own breakfast and lunch box. Dinners are typical Greenland fare with a lot of lamb or fish, some meat from greenlandic cow and muskox. For lunch you will prepare you own packed lunch that can fit in the saddlebag of sandwiches, fish salad and different types of cold cuts of meat, and a water bottle (bring your own water bottle). 

Different sorts of greenlandic beer, danish beer and soda will be for sale at the hostel.

There is no special catering for vegetarians, vegans or gluten free food, as there are not the supplies available in Greenland.

We advise to bring slippers that you can wear in the hostel.



Island Horses are perfect for this landscape and climate. You will ride the same horse all week.

Weight limit: 100 kg

The Program

Preliminary program of 7 nights accommodation and 5 days of riding.

Day 1 ’arrival day’ 
Upon arrival to Narsarsuaq Airport, you go to the Blue Ice Explorers reception and let them know of your arrival. They will make sure to take you to the harbor by buss and sail you to the village Qassiarsuk. A guide will be waiting for you at the harbor. Upon arrival to Qassiarsuk the guide will show you directions to the Hostel, that you will walk to. The guide will drive the luggage to the hostel. The hostel is not far away from the harbor. When you get to the hostel you will be given a room. Since most of the guests are a bit tired from the travel, dinner will be served soon after arrival to the hostel. 

Day 2 ‘intro-day’
In the morning the guests can help themselves for breakfast in the dining room. When everybody is ready, we go out to the horses and spend good time on introducing the horses and matching guest with horse. Then we go out for a short ride towards the nearby farm Qorlortoq. The entire introduction and ride might take about 3-4 hours. After the intro-ride everybody has lunch in the hostel. After lunch the guests a free to look around in the village Qassiarsuk. The village is very small, and you can’t get lost. There is a small café and a small store in Qassiarsuk as well. Dinner will be served at about 18:00.

Day 3 ‘to Tasiusaq’
Same procedure in the morning, and a guide will prepare food that the guests will make lunch packs of. When everybody is ready, we go to the horses, prepare and ride for about 8km trough a farm called Qorlortup Itinnera. We take a lunch break out in the mountains, and after lunch we ride another 8km to the next farm called Tasiusaq. We settle the horses in a fenced area and those who will stay in the farm can go inside at eat a snack before dinner. Dinner will be served at the farmhouse at about 18:00. Those who will go back to the village hostel will be driven to the village by a guide, and upon arrival to the hostel there will be a snack ready before dinner. Dinner will be served at 18:00.

Day 4 ‘beach-ride and glacier’
Same procedure in the morning and everybody makes lunch pack. Those who stay in the hostel will be driven back to the farm. When everybody is ready, we go ride by the beach with icebergs, then we go to a spot where we can see the glacier Ipiitat and have lunch there. After lunch we ride back to the farm Tasiusaq. The entire ride is about 22km. Same procedure by the hostels until dinner about 18:00.

Day 5 ‘riding back to the village Qassiarsuk’
Same procedure in the morning but we won’t be making lunch packs, we will have lunch in the hostel upon arrival. When everybody is ready, we start riding from the farm Tasiusaq to the village Qassiarsuk, it is a relatively short ride, only about 7-10km. Upon arrival and after lunch, the hostess will show her national costumes and talk about the dresses. Dinner will be served at 18:00.

Day 6 ‘boat trip’
Same procedure in the morning and when everybody is ready, we go to the harbor and sail on a boat trip to the nearby glacier Qooqqut. The boat trip takes about 2 hours. After the boat trip we will have lunch in the hostel. After lunch we will go to the Viking ruins and get a guided tour. Dinner will be served at 18:00.

Day 7 ‘farm visit’
Same procedure in the morning and when everybody is ready, we ride to the hosts farm Inneruulalik. We will have lunch in the farmhouse and the hosts will talk about living as sheep farmers in the arctic. After lunch we ride back to the village Qassiarsuk. The entire ride is about 14km. Dinner will be served at 18:00.

Day 8 ‘departure day’
After breakfast the luggage will be driven, and guests will walk to the harbor. Blue Ice Explorer will drive the guests from the harbor in Narsarsuaq to the airport. We recommend the guests check in their luggage and go for a walk in Narsarsuaq and visit the cafes and museum. 


Travel Information

Ability description: Trail Ride Level 3 >>

Included in the price: 7 nights accommodation, 5 days riding, full board including water, coffee / tea making facilities, shuttle service.

Not included: Flights. Beer and soda can be purchased on site.

Travel: Fly to Narsarsuaq. 

Transfer: Book in advance with HorseXplore.
One group transfers from/to the airport are included. Transfer times in the afternoon when the last flight has arrived (Air Greenland) and going back to Narsarsuaq we will sail them early in the morning since some has an early flight. The transport from the airport to the hostel will be done by a company called Blue Ice Explorer. All guests have to report their arrival to the Blue Ice counter in the Airport.

Riding: Moderate pace so you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Walk and tolt, 4-6 hours / day in varying terrain. 

Group size: Minimum 2 and maximum 6 riders.

Currency: Danish krone. The equestrian center does not take credit cards. 

Single room: Yes at the hostel.

Currency: Danish crones
Credit card: Not accepted at riding center.
Tipping: Not required but appreciated.

Wifi: Yes at the hostel
Electricity jack: EU standard

Group size: 3-8 riders
Age limit: Min. 12 years. 

Beach: Yes around the riding center.
Pool: No

Riding equipment to borrow: Helmet
Saddle bag available: Yes
Special diet: No Special diet is possible.

Dates and prices

DateDaysName of tripPrice from
04/07/20238Greenland Trail RideEUR 2,355Book on request
13/07/20238Greenland Trail RideEUR 2,355Book on request
01/08/20238Greenland Trail RideEUR 2,355Book on request
10/08/20238Greenland Trail RideEUR 2,355Book on request

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