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Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

Welcome to our personal equestrian center, a hidden gem on approximately 6 hectares of private forest and pasture, located just 25 kilometers from the pulsating city of Sarajevo. Here, in the shadow of the majestic Ormanj mountain range, we open the doors to a riding experience that will capture you...

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Croatia, Dalmatia

In the middle of the beautiful Dalmatian countryside, about an hour's drive from Split, you will find this family-owned farm run by the young and driven Stipe. Enjoy a peaceful destination that is easy to get to and is also very affordable. The landscape offers varied riding terrain with everything...

8 days From EUR 1,250 Read more

Italy, Sicily Explorer

Sicily has everything - wonderful beaches, beautiful scenery, culture and gastronomy. In addition, on the island of sun you can swim even in November. These adventurous riding holidays are the perfect way to explore Sicily. You will usually be riding with Alex, one of Sicily's most knowledgeable ri...

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