New destinations 2020

Bulgaria - Sredna Gora

This beautiful new ride is the dream trail designed by Bogdan, organiser of our trails in the Rhodope Mountains. The Thracian Valley is an ideal location for riding with smooth, picturesque terrain of rose and lavender fields which allow for a faster pace. The trail combines plenty of canters and amazing scenery with ancient Thracian and Roman ruins, ....Read more » From EUR 1,350

Denmark, Römö

Römö is Denmark's most southwestern island and easily accessible by bridge from the mainland. As much as 90% of the island consists of unspoilt nature, half of which is a sandy beach. That is, an Eldorado for riders. Here is actually the largest sandy beach in Northern Europe. It is miles long and hundreds of meters wide! You can ....Read more »

Finland, Turku - Ridingweekend on Finnhorses

Out in the beautiful countryside in western Finland only 40 km outside Turku you will find our stud farm and ridingcentre. It is a unique farm owned by the same family for eleven generations. Here you will find a solid knowledge of the Finnish horse. Every year a number of beautiful foals are born and the farm has several award-winning breeding stallions ....Read more » From EUR 540

Finland - Finnish Lapland

Welcome to an authentic family owned farm in Finnish Lapland, close to levi travel resort. There friendly and happy Alaskan husky dogs, original Finnhorses, reindeer and staff are looking forward to having you on a visit! You will get to ride out in the beautiful nature of Finnish Lapland. During your stay you will also learn about the life of the ....Read more » From EUR 660

Iceland, South

Small groups, quality horses and expert guides! Riding in Iceland has in many ways turned in to an industry, with a large- scale focus, mix between beginners and experienced rides, horses that cannot tolt and so called guides from other countries with no local knowledge.  We are so happy that we have found Robert and Eija, a professional yo couple ....Read more » From EUR 1,090

Netherlands, Terschelling

The Dutch island of Terschelling is located about 15 km off the coast of the Wadden Sea in the North Sea. It belongs to an archipelago called the Frisian Islands, and of course you should ride on beautiful Friesian horses here. The island is known for its 30 km long sandy beach which is made for lovely gallops. Here you can enjoy wonderful rides in ....Read more » From EUR 935

Norway, Dovrefjell

Do you want to experience the fantastic mountain scenery in Norway, ride across plains, climb peaks with views of Rondane and Dovrefjell, cross rivers and follow beautiful paths through the birch forest. Then mountain riding on an Icelandic horse in Norway may be something for you. Martin, who is the 13th generation on the farm and his team will safely ....Read more » From EUR 405

Portugal, Porto

Whether interested in improving your dressage or show jumping skills through professional instruction, or wanting to experience this breathtaking part of the country on horseback, you´ve found the right place. The equestrian centre caters to your every need and ensures top quality training through a highly professional international team. Thanks ....Read more » From EUR 850

Romania, Hasmas Mountain - Nomad Tour

The Hasmas mountains and national park are embraced by the Carpathian mountains and one of the hidden gems of Europe. The all-encompassing silence, extensive forests and pastures which cover the mountains, together with the rich wildlife, conjures up a world which has been seemingly long forgotten. The Eastern Carpathians are made up of rugged ....Read more » From EUR 795

Spain, Costa de la Luz - NEW

Costa de la Luz is the part of the Andalusian coast that extends from Tarifa to Portugal. Mass tourism has not reached this area yet, so here it is still genuine and personal, and you can get to know the real Spain. Join Jesus, who is a passionate rider since childhood, on trail rides, on one of his beautiful horses. You can choose between ....Read more » From EUR 1,270

Spain, Andalusia dressage - NEW

Our new dressage gem is located in sun-drenched Andalusia, close to the coast and only an hour from Seville. José Manuel couldn't find a better place to finally realize his dream of creating a dressage center. The goal was to build a personal facility where every rider and horse is unique and taken care of in the best possible way in order ....Read more » From EUR 700

Spain, Costa del Azahar - NEW

Finally! After many years of searching we are thrilled to be able to offer dressage on Friesian stallions. The fact that they are situated in a beautiful environment with great chances for sun, delicious local food and wine makes this trip even more amazing. This is a unique and exclusive opportunity where you both get to practice dressage and enjoy ....Read more » From EUR 950

Sweden, Lapland

The Northern lights, Midnight sun, Kebnekaise mountain, Sami culture, reindeer sledding, the famous Ice hotel, dog sledding, snowmobiling…. Often referred to as Europe's last remaining wilderness, Swedish Lapland has a lot of exotic and exciting things to experience. Your host couple Kerstin and Matti are Sami who cherish the nature and ....Read more »
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