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Botswana - Tuli Safari

Mashatu Game Reserve is located in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve - the eastern tip of Botswana. Mashatu covers 30,000 hectares and is home to great herds of elephant, estimated to be at least 800 strong. As well as numerous cats, including leopards, lions, cheetah, African wild cat and cerval, the...

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Botswana, Okawango -mobile delta safari

Okawango Delta Ride - Recently declared the 1,000th World Heritage Site, the unique Okavango Delta is a horse rider’s Eden: as the floodwaters spread down into the Kalahari sands, the herds and birdlife follow, and horseback is the perfect place from which to observe them. This Delta Ri...

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Botswana, Okawango Macatoo - riding safari

There is no better way to savour the Okavango Delta and experience its unparalleled wildlife population than on horseback. The annual flooding of the area leaves vast swathes of the Delta inaccessible to vehicles, making horses the most natural and exciting means to explore. The pace of riding is va...

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- Riding Safari in Masai Country - - This is ride for those who are fascinated by wildlife and want to experience it in total freedom. Imagine a fast gallop across the vast savannah next to herds of zebras, wildebeests and gazelles. This is a unique safari where you explore places far fr...

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Kambaku Safari Lodge - Namibia, located in southwestern Africa, is large, sparsely populated, varied and known for its beautiful, barren nature, its red dunes and exciting safaris. The official language is English. In the heart of Namibia, amidst an imposing African landscape the family-...

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South Africa, Entabeni - Big Five Safari (8 day circuit)

Entabeni Safari Conservancy “The Place of the Mountain”, is situated in the World Heritage “Waterberg Biosphere” of the Waterberg region. Approximately a three hour drive north of Johannesburg, this 22 000 ha malaria-free reserve boasts five eco-systems. The upper escarpment offers majestic craggy r...

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South Africa, Waterberg - Ranch Stay with Safari

The ranch is beautifully situated by a lake with hippos and consists of a nicely renovated colonial house with a classic porch and a number of guest cottages, each with its own character. You will really enjoy your stay, whether in the main house or in one of the cottages. Your stay here is tailored...

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South Africa and Botswana - African Explorer

Get the best of two countries. Ideal for experienced riders who want to get as much as possible from their African riding holiday. This exciting ride combines four nights in a newly built camp in the Waterberg and three nights in the Limpopo Valley in Botswana. First explored Waterberg's fantastic H...

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South Africa, Sunshine Coast - Beach & Safari Ride

If you want to experience an exciting ride along "The Sunshine Coast", this is unbeatable. Along with Jono and his endurance horses, many raised himself, you can canter for miles (without exaggeration) along pristine beaches. Jono is an experienced endurance rider who has lived here most of his life...

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South Africa, Karongwe Nature Reserve

In addition to the "Big Five" (leopard, buffalo, rhino, elephant and lion), this nature reserve located right near the Kruger Park has all the wildlife you can imagine such as hyenas, hippos, giraffes, baboons and antelopes. This is where you go if you want to get the most out of your riding safari...

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This is the Africa so many dream of. Tanzania has vast savannas covering large parts of, while other parts of the country are covered by lush jungles and high mountains. Home to scores of Africa's unique flora and animals. Tanzania also has a beautiful tropical coastline with beaches and coral reefs...

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