Icelandic Horse

Denmark, Römö

Römö is Denmark's most southwestern island and easily accessible by bridge from the mainland. As much as 90% of the island consists of unspoilt nature, half of which is a sandy beach. That is, an Eldorado for riders. Here is actually the largest sandy beach in Northern Europe. It is miles long and hundreds of meters wide! You can ....Read more »

Iceland, South

Small groups, quality horses and expert guides! Riding in Iceland has in many ways turned in to an industry, with a large- scale focus, mix between beginners and experienced rides, horses that cannot tolt and so called guides from other countries with no local knowledge.  We are so happy that we have found Robert and Eija, a professional yo couple ....Read more » From EUR 1,090

Norway, Jotunheimen

- Trail Ride in Jotunheimen - Jotunheimen is a fantastic high mountain area in southern Norway and contains Scandinavia's highest mountain peak, at 2469 m (8,600 ft) above sea level, and many glaciers and beautiful mountain lakes. Even the somewhat lower mountain top, Glittertind 2452 m (8,300 ft) above sea level, is located in the area. It is ....Read more »

North Iceland

High up in the north, where the longest fjord Eyjafjördur floats majestically, you will find the farm. Your hosts Stefan, who was born here, and Juliane live here together with 130 horses and 250 sheep. The farm is the starting point for a number of rides of varying lengths that takes you out in the extraordinary landscape. Experienced riders ....Read more »

Romania, Hargitha Mountains

Horseback riding is an integral part of the traditional Carpathian scene and the naturally gentle Icelandic horse provides excellent riding opportunities. The rolling hills of the Harghita Mountains with its fresh streams, rich wildlife and dispersed mountain villages provide a great setting for getting to know the Icelandic breed or for those looking ....Read more » From EUR 895

Sweden, Roslagen - Icelandic long weekend

This long weekend has a strong Icelandic flavor, with both rides and lessons on the fine Icelandic Horses. A dip in the "Heitta pot", an Icelandic hot tub at 39C (102 F), is perfect after a Fall or Spring ride. Sufficiently warmed, you are invited to an Icelandic dinner in the vaulted cellar cooked with genuine Icelandic ingredients. You ....Read more »

Sweden, Roslagen - Summer Ride

This week is very rich in new experiences. You are treated to lovely rides through the beautiful Roslagen scenery and lessons on the outdoor arena and oval track. At the end of the week, you ride off on a full day trail ride staying overnight at Gimo Manor, one of Sweden's most beautiful manor houses from the eighteenth century. Examples ....Read more »

Sweden, Lapland

The Northern lights, Midnight sun, Kebnekaise mountain, Sami culture, reindeer sledding, the famous Ice hotel, dog sledding, snowmobiling…. Often referred to as Europe's last remaining wilderness, Swedish Lapland has a lot of exotic and exciting things to experience. Your host couple Kerstin and Matti are Sami who cherish the nature and ....Read more »
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