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Argentina, Corrientes

Fernando will welcome you to the Province of Corrientes, which sits on the border with Uruguay and is known for its wide-open plains, the Pampas. Ranchers here live in beautiful Estancias, or ranch houses. Argentina’s cowboys, known as Gauchos, herd cattle on horseback and distances are still counted in how long it takes to ride between different places rather than in kilometers. You can choose between staying in the beautiful Estancia or heading off on a point-to-point ride and stay at several different Estancias.

You can choose from:
A ‘ranch stay’ where you stay at the same Estancia for the whole week
- A trail ride


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Accommodation: for the ‘Gaucho on a Working Estancia’ you will stay at the same Estancia for the whole week in a double/twin room with shower and bathroom. On the ‘El Dorado point-to-point from Estancia to Estancia’ you will stay at different Estancias in double/twin rooms with showers and bathrooms.
Rooms: Single rooms are available for booking (the single supplement fee can be found under Dates & Prices). The single supplement will apply where there is no one with whom to share the room.

Safe deposit box: Not in rooms but in office.
A/C: Yes
Hair Dryer: Not in rooms but to borrow.
Towels and sheets: Yes
Fridge: No


Most of the horses are a cross between Thoroughbreds, Criollos and Quarterhorses. They are reared on the Estancia and trained by their Gauchos. There are approximately 60 trained horses and a total of more than 110 horses and over 1,100 head of cattle.



Average min and max temperatures in Rosario, Argentina

Average monthly sunhours in Rosario, Argentina

Average rainy days (rain/snow) in  Rosario, Argentina

Travel Information

Ability description: Trail Ride level 2-3 >> 

Included in the price:
- El Dorado from Estancia to Estancia: 6 nights, 7 days riding, full board incl. beverages, comfortable night bus from Buenos Aires to Esquina. Transfer to/from Esquina to ranch.
- Gaucho on a Working Estancia: 5 nights, 6 days riding, full board incl. beverages. Transfer to/from Esquina to ranch.

Not included: Flight, night bus on "Gaucho on a Working Estancia", possible tip.

Travel: Book flight/rental car >>
Flight to Buenos Aires.

Bus: Book in advance with HorseXplore.
From Buenos Aires to the village Esquina, comfortable night bus which departs is evening.
Time: It departs from Buenos Aires, Retiro bus station around 8.00 pm and arrives in Esquina 2.30 am (day 1 in program).
The last day the bus departs at 10.40 pm and arrives at the airport the day after 6.30 am. 
Price: About 150 EUR per person/return (the bus ride is included in 'El Dorado from Estancia to Estancia').

Transfer: Book in advance with HorseXplore.
From Esquina to ranch, included. 

Season: Gaucho on a Working Estancia - all year. El Dorado from Estancia to Estancia - March - November.

Currency: Argentine peso
Credit card: Not accepted at ranch.
Tipping: By choice but appreciated.

Wifi: Yes, sometimes slow.
Electricity jack: 220V, possible to borrow adapter but best to bring your own. 

Age limit: No

Closest village: 18 km where there are restaurants, pubs and a casino. Nice sightseeing like Corrientes and Parana river.
Beach: 18 km away by a river.
Pool: Yes, open November - March.

Riding equipment to borrow: Helmet
Saddle bag available: Yes, also possible to bring your own.
Special diet: Inform when booking.

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