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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Discover the enchanting world for riders in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where ancient traditions and breathtaking nature go hand in hand. With its rolling hills, majestic mountains, and picturesque villages, this country offers a unique experience for riders of all levels. 
From leisurely gallops along beautiful riverbanks to adventurous rides high in the mountains, Bosnia and Herzegovina have something for every horse enthusiast. Welcome to an unforgettable riding experience in the heart of the Balkans!

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kupres

Bosnia has become more and more popular amongst adventurers and skiers who want to experience one of the few unexplored parts of the Alps. It is amazingly beautiful up on the Kupres plateau with its open landscape, magnificent forests, mountain lakes and rivers, a real El Dorado for nature lovers. I...

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

Welcome to our personal equestrian center, a hidden gem on approximately 6 hectares of private forest and pasture, located just 25 kilometers from the pulsating city of Sarajevo. Here, in the shadow of the majestic Ormanj mountain range, we open the doors to a riding experience that will capture you...

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