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In Portugal, we offer dressage training on horses of the highest quality, but there are also a number of scenic trails to choose from, both among the mountains and along the Atlantic coast beaches.

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Portugal - Dressage in Alentejo

Are you a picky dressage rider? Do you have a strong interest in the aesthetic, and seek beauty and harmony? Then you have found your match in Diogo, owner and creator of this beautiful stud farm and luxurious boutique hotel. He is an architect and has a hectic work schedule all over the world. His...

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Portugal, Lourinhã - Dressage close by the Sea

It is a privilege to be a welcome guest at this exclusive wine and equestrian establishment. You will have the opportunity to experience the good life, including dressage tuition riding highly trained Lusitanos from renowned stud farms whilst enjoying beautiful surroundings and, to top it all off, t...

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Portugal, Porto

Whether interested in improving your dressage or show jumping skills through professional instruction, or wanting to experience this breathtaking part of the country on horseback, you´ve found the right place. The equestrian centre caters to your every need and ensures top quality training through a...

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Portugal, Santarem - Dressage & WE - NEW

We are pleased to present another dressage gem in Portugal. Welcome to a large farm with a rich history and tradition. Around this expansive family farm, relatives have chosen to settle, and now the entire village is more or less a family legacy, complete with its own beautiful church in the center...

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Portugal, Golega - Dressage or Showjumping

This training destination is just a little over 40 kilometers from Golegã, known for its annual horse festival, with hundreds of horses, riders in traditional clothes, plenty of wine, music & dance. A gem for all our dressage and showjumping loving riders. A small equestrian center with horses and i...

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Portugal, The Azores

The Azores are unique in many ways. The climate is much the same year round due to the Gulf Stream. There are more cows than people, and the islanders pay a special tax which pays for the care of the tens of thousands of hydrangeas, planted along the roads. The Azores has warm waterfalls and 100 C d...

Portugal, Alentejo - Atlantic Trail Ride

The horse riding center sits on the west coast north of the Algarve. The region is called Alentejo and is part of Portugal's largest nature reserve and is protected from development. This is a paradise for riders where there are hundreds of kilometers of sandy roads connecting the small-whitewashed...

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