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This beautiful Moroccan ranch owned by two French women, Caroline and Caroline (who live in France but visit the ranch at regular intervals). The ranch is situated between the Atlas Mountains and is only 10 minutes from the sea. Morocco has a rich culture and heritage that feels very exotic.

You can choose from:
- A Stationary program - about 4 hours riding per day. Combine with wellness treatments.
- Combination Week. One week combined with lessons or rides followed by a three-day trail ride with two nights in a tent
- Trails Between Sea, Mountains and desert, Trail Ride along the coast Grand Sud with change of accomodation each night.

Arabic, Berber, African and European influences have made this country a fascinating place to visit. With both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea on its shores, and with a rugged mountainous interior, Morocco remained independent country for centuries. Its history, climate and geography seems more closely related to the Mediterranean than to the rest of Africa.

Morocco has snow-capped mountains and sandy deserts, fertile plains and long white beaches. The country has so much to offer visitors with its ancient ruins and modern resorts. Horseback is the perfect way to explore this fascinating country. Mountains, lush valleys, the highlands and the sandy desert with its oases alternate with exciting ancient cities.

Agadir is a popular destination because of its dry warm climate, stunning and varied scenery and fine horses. Riding in Morocco has a long history.

The guide’s English is somewhat limited. This is not a problem however (English speakers have ridden the trail ride), but bear in mind that communication can sometimes be limited and can even be quite entertaining! There are English-speaking staff at the ranch and the guides are very friendly and responsible. If you speak a bit of French, it is an advantage.

Price from:
EUR 850
Book trip

Accommodation and Food

Accommodation and Food

Guests eat traditional Moroccan food together in the evenings, sometimes accompanied by music. There are 8 comfortable bedrooms each with 2 single beds pushed together to make large double beds for couples. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and there is a rooftop terrace where you can watch the sunset or admire the horses.

Safe deposit box: No
A/C: No
Hair Dryer: No
Towels and sheets: Yes
Fridge: No

The chef prepares delicious traditional Moroccan cuisine including couscous, tagines, grilled meat and fish. Bottled water is included in the price but other drinks can be purchased on site.


The biggest influence on all the world's horse breeds has been the Arabians, but not without the support of the powerful North African Berber horse, which in turn gave rise to the Spanish Horse. Here you will find about ten horses. They are crosses between the Arabian and Berber horse. The horses are approximately 145-160 cm (57 - 63 in) at the withers. These horses are noble and renowned for their endurance and therefore perfect for trail rides. They are ridden with English saddles and bridles.

Program: Between the Sea and Mountains

This is a trail ride in a varied landscape. You begin along the sea with the beautiful beaches and red cliffs and ride up into the mountains with Argan trees and finish the ride in Smahra. From there, you and the horses are driven to the ranch for your last night and the opportunity to book a much-needed massage. You ride about 6 hours / day. You stay on the ranch first and last night and other nights in small hotels and guesthouses.

Number of riders: At least 2 and more than 7.

Preliminary day program

Day 1. Arrival to Agadir airport and transfer to the ranch where you meet the horses. Dinner in the evening.

Day 2. Ranch - Mirleft. You start riding along the sea, the beach and the beautiful cliffs and then up into the mountains, through several small villages. Then further south towards Mirleft. You will spend the night in Douar Timgrad above Mirleft on the picturesque Kasbah of the Artist (this accommodation may be changed during the summer). About 35km (21 miles) riding.

Day 3. Mirleft - Legzira. After a good breakfast with beautiful views of the valley you ride down to Mirleft, a small white-colored fishing village. You then continue over the mountains and at several places you will have to dismount and lead your horse. You have a view of the sea the entire time. Eventually you will come to Legzira, a stunning beach with red cliffs and rock arches vaulting into the sea. If weather permits, you can swim with the horses. Approximately 33km (20 miles) riding.

Day 4. Legzira - Sidi Ouazik. You continue south along the coast and through the Sidi Infi where you eat a picnic by the harbor. In the afternoon, you reach your guesthouse.

Day 5. Sidi Ouazik - Fort Bou Jerif. You follow the coast to Assaka Oued where you eat a picnic at the mouth of the river. You continue upriver, through a protected area.

Day 6. Fort Bou Jerif - Laqsabi through Targa Wassay. You continue to follow the river through the valleys worthy of the High Atlas and meet the cook at the edge of the wadi, the afternoon is always following the river that begins to lose in the sand. You spend the night at Pierre Jean Laqsabi who took over this guest house

Day 7. Laqsabi - Asri. On the last day, you go to the palm of Thigmert crossing the desert, picnic in the middle of it and little bit further at Asri. The truck will be waiting there to take the horses and you back to the ranch.

Day 8: Breakfast and transfer back to Agadir airport.

Program South Coast Trail

This trail follows the coast of the deep south of Morocco, from a few kilometers south of Agadir to the mouth of the river Assaka "Foum Assaka". The ride is full of wonderful scenery! 

On this trail you will spend some nights in basic tents or Bivouac and some nights in local guesthouses or accommodations converted for this use. Single rooms will not always be available.

You will ride for about 6 hours/day.

Preliminärt dagprogram

Day 1: Agadir - Sidi toual  At you arrival at the Agadir airport, you will be transfered to Sidi Toual, in a fisherman cave house where the horses, the guides and the cook are waiting for you. According to your arrival time, you will have the possibility to ride by the sea for a first contact with horses. Before spending the night in the cave, you can discuss about the ride and your wishes of horses.

Day 2: Sidi Toual – Sidi Boulfdaïl de Massa  Today, you will go through the natural Massa's reserve with its dunes, its cliffs on the ocean coast. During the day you will have a picnic lunch at Sidi wassay, and spend the overnight in a inn or a traditional house near the Sidi boulfdail of Massa.

Day 3: Sidi Boulfdaïl de Massa - Ranch You will follow the sea coast, sometimes on the cliffs where fishermen are fishing, sometimes on sandy pathes and occasionally in creeks where the waves hit the rocks. You will enjoy a packed lunch in Aglou harbour before riding on 15km of straight beach to the ranch where you will spend the night.

Day 4: Ranch - Mirleft Today you will ride on about 35km! You will ride through the beaches and cliffs and then back into the mountain, through many small villages. Then direction the South towards Mirleft across many isolated Douars. You will spend the night in Douar Timgrad, above Mirleft, at the Kasbah of artists, picturesque, and atypical heart of the mountain (this accommodation can change during summer).

Day 5: Mirleft - Legzira Today you will ride on about 33km! After a good breakfast with a beautiful view of the valley, you will ride down to Mirleft, a small fishing village with white colors. Then you will reach south over the mountain where several passes will require a bit of walking! But the ocean view is still there! Finally, you will reach Legzira, a beautiful beach with red cliffs with its large arches that plunge into the ocean! If conditions permit, you will be able to swim with the horses!

Day 6: Legzira- Sidi Ouazig You will leave the red cliffs to explore the old Spanish town, Sidi Ifni, and go through the beach, at the foot of the cliff, or through the city, depending on the tide. This will be the last white southern Moroccan city before the desert. You will picnic beside the harbour and continue over the south, in the middle of the cactus. Then you will reach the bivouac at the guest house “figue de barbarie” with its magical views, which is a traditional house converted into a guest house, while respecting the architecture.

Day 7: Sidi Ouazig -  Foum Assaka – Ranch Today you will follow the mountain and the coast to reach the wadi Assaka for picnicking at its mouth "Foum Assaka". You will have the opportunity to swim on a wide sandy beach. The truck ahead, you will go back to the ranch.

Day 8 : Departure. You will be transferred to Agadir airport and will flight back home, with memories that will last a lifetime.

Program Combination Week

Program Combination Week

This is a week with three days’ basic lessons or rides followed by a three-day trail ride with an overnight stay in tents and a night at the home of a Berber family. It's about 4-5 hours riding / day.

The first three days on the ranch are good warm-up before the trail ride. This program is a perfect combination of relaxation at the ranch and then an exciting trail ride where you explore the Moroccan countryside.

During the days on the ranch, you can get basic lessons in the morning and afternoon or rides to the local beach and the mountains.

Number of riders: At least 2 and more than 6.

Day 1. Arrival to Agadir airport and transfer to the ranch. Dinner in the evening.

Day 2. After breakfast you prepare the horses and then either 1 hour followed by a trek of 1 hour, or else, a two hour long trek. Lunch at the ranch. After a few hours of rest, a two hour long trek in the afternoon: passing through 2 villages, galloping on the beach or riding through the dunes, depending on the level of the riders. Back to the ranch for dinner and overnight stay. About 4 or 5 hours of riding.

Day 3. After breakfast, preparation of the horses around 9 o’clock, and then either 1 hour of lesson followed by a trek of 1 hour, or else, a two hour long trek. Lunch at the ranch. After a few hours of rest, a two hour long trek in the afternoon: Sidi Boufdail going along the cliffs, looking over the wild beaches. About 4 or 5 hours of riding.

Day 4. Ranch Arbaa Sahel: Breakfast. Departure at 9:30 am for a 3 days itinerant ride- after the beach, you go towards the red mountains, through valleys with cactus and argan! camp under the palm trees on the edge of a dry oued.

Day 5. Labbassane - Anfoud. You go down to the plain of Tiznit along the mountain to the picnic at Timzdawn, after crossing the palm of Aglou, it goes into a Anfoud douar where you stay in a Berber house, greeted by a nice family to share their traditions and culture.

Day 6. Last day of the trail ride. After breakfast you will discovery a desert of stones and sand. Then continue towards the troglodyte caves of fishermen overlooking the ocean where you have lunch if the tide is low enough. Back towards the Ranch by the beach with 15km of fine sand! If the tide is too high, back through the dunes overlooking the beach. Dinner and overnight at the ranch.

Day 7. A relaxed day when you can shop for some souvenirs in Mirleft, book a treatment or a last ride along the lovely beach.

Day 8: Breakfast and departure to Agadir Airport with beautiful memories in your luggage.

(Subject to change due to local circumstances.)

Stationary Program

This is a week where you stay at the ranch all week. You ride about 4 hours each day divided into two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Before the dinners you can enjoy pampering wellness treatments (book and pay direct at the ranch).

You can choose between simple lessons and / or outdoor rides. The ride offers gallops on the long sandy beach or through small Berber villages and up into the hills with a great views of the coast.

Number of riders: At least one and more than 6.

Here is an example of different treatments:
- Massage
- Relaxing massage (50 min.)
- Tonic Massage (50 mins.)
- Californian Massage (50 mins)
- Skin Care
- Manicure and pedicure

Other activities

In the evenings, most guests are tired after the day's riding, and usually relax and eat dinner with the other guests, sometimes accompanied music.

If you want to do more than ride and relax, there are many activities that can be organized (some at extra cost), such as surfing, paragliding, swimming, massage, biking, horseback riding along the beach in the moonlight, visits to Tiznit and Mirleft, lunch under the palm trees, henna tattoos and Moroccan cooking classes.

There is possibility for massage at the ranch. Also a swimming pool and two Jacuzzis within 15 minutes walking distance (the road is safe and pleasant). Guests may take advantage of these for a small charge and there is also a poolside bar. And the sea with its miles of white sandy beach, is also located within 15 minutes walking distance.


The temperature is about 20-30 degrees (68-86 F) year round. The coolest period is from November to February.

Travel Information

The information below applies to all programs. For prices and specific facts of each program, proceed via the links at the bottom of the text.

Ability description: Trail ride level 2-3>>

Included in the price: 7 nights, 6 days riding, 4-6 hours/day. Full board and return airport transfers.

Not included: Flights, insurance, drinks other than bottled water, massages and extras not mentioned.

Horse back riding: Outdoor rides, basic lessons as well as 3-day trail ride with a variety of accommodation with genuine Moroccan character. Trail ride with changes of accommodation.

Travel: Book flight/rental car >>
Fly to Agadir (scheduled or charter flights). 

Transfer: Book in advance.
From Agadir airport, the taxi driver waits outside of the arrival hall. Transfer time 90 minutes.
Price: Included if you arrive/depart between 7.00 am and 8.00 pm. 

Currency: Morocco Dirham. You can not take Dirham out of Morocco. Foreign currency can be exchanged at the airport, hotel or bank. Save receipt.
Credit card: Not accepted at riding center, but they accept EUR.
Tipping: By choice but appreciated.

Visa: It is the traveler's responsibility to always check any visa requirements, so please check with your nearest Moroccan Embassy for visa requirements.

Wifi: Yes, in the family room and the terrass.
Electricity jack: European standard

Age limit: No but no ponies.

Closest village: 2 km to small grocery store, 15 km to bigger village with restaurants, local shops, hammam, beach. 30 km to bigger city. 
Beach: 10 minutes of walk or a bigger one within 17 km.
Pool: 5 minutes by walk.

Riding equipment to borrow: Helmet
Saddle bag: Yes
Special diet: Yes, inform by booking.

Dates and prices

DateNightsName of tripPrice from
19/10/20197Morocco - Stationary programEUR 850Book on request
DateNightsName of tripPrice from
26/10/20197Morocco - Stationary programEUR 850Book on request
26/10/20197Morocco - Combination WeekEUR 970Book on request
DateNightsName of tripPrice from
02/11/20197Morocco - Stationary programEUR 850Book on request
02/11/20197Morocco - Between Sea and MountainsEUR 1,180Book on request
DateNightsName of tripPrice from
09/11/20197Morocco - Stationary programEUR 850Book on request
DateNightsName of tripPrice from
16/11/20197Morocco - Stationary programEUR 850Book on request
16/11/20197Morocco - Combination WeekEUR 970Book on request
DateNightsName of tripPrice from
23/11/20197Morocco - Stationary programEUR 850Book on request
DateNightsName of tripPrice from
30/11/20197Morocco - Stationary programEUR 850Book on request
30/11/20197Morocco - Between Sea and MountainsEUR 1,180Book on request
DateNightsName of tripPrice from
07/12/20197Morocco - Stationary programEUR 850Book on request
DateNightsName of tripPrice from
14/12/20197Morocco - Stationary programEUR 850Book on request
14/12/20197Morocco - Combination WeekEUR 970Book on request
DateNightsName of tripPrice from
21/12/20197Morocco - Stationary programEUR 850Book on request
21/12/20197Morocco - Between Sea and MountainsEUR 1,180Book on request
DateNightsName of tripPrice from
28/12/20197Morocco - Stationary programEUR 850Book on request
28/12/20197Morocco - Between Sea and MountainsEUR 1,180Book on request
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