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Bulgaria - Riding in Apriltsi

This week of riding offers a variety of riding experiences in a small riding group with the farm as the base. From here, there are many natural trail ride destinations including the Maragidik and Vidima waterfall, a little monastery or the charming mountain villages. There are several stretches suitable for fast-paced riding. You will ride up to 30 kilometers (19 miles) each day (about 4 hours). This is a pleasant and fun filled week with the chance for some fast-paced riding.

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The Program

The entire area around Apriltsi has many naturally beautiful locations ideally suited for day rides. Simply riding between the small villages that make up Apriltsi is a full day’s ride. There are lots of nature paths and tracks to ride on – many of them especially suited for galloping.
Some examples of day trips, include:
18 kilometers (11 miles): A sightseeing ride around Apriltsi with a total length of 12 kilometers (7 miles). Between the small villages, there are beautiful fields on small winding tracks leading through the countryside.
25 kilometers (16 miles): Over the top of Ostrets and Pepril to a small monastery. Lunch at the monastery. Back over the fields and meadows along the river.
26 kilometers (17 miles): A mountain tour to the highest feeding grounds for wildlife on the area. You will ride to an altitude of over 1000 meters (3,200 ft)
20 kilometers (13 miles): Over Vidima to the Praskaloto (80 meters; 260 ft)

 This program is for 1-8 riders.

Detta program genomförs med 1-8 ryttare.

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