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Cancellation Insurance

We recommend that you sign up for our Cancellation Insurance that covers most of your costs if you have to cancel your holiday. Our Cancellation Insurances can be taken out only by people living in the Nordic countries.

  • Gives compensation if you can not complete the purpose of the holiday (e.g. horse back riding).  The cancellation insurance included in the home insurance or when paying by card does not normally cover a minor injury that still makes you unable to take part in the activities included in your holiday. Our cancellation insurance, on the other hand, covers such type of cancellation reason.
  • Must be purchased when making your booking and has to be paid together with the payment of the deposit.
  • Costs 7,3 % of the holiday price per person.

Cancellation Insurance World

Choose this for holidays outside of Europe. This insurance has no cancellation fee and is issued by Gouda Travel Insurance Insurance which is part of the Norwegian insurance group Gjensidige. They will send insurance document directly to you. Only for citizens in the Nordic countries
See price and take out Gouda´s Cancellation Insurance here (in Swedish only) >>

Cancellation Insurance Europe

Choose this for holidays in Europe. This insurance is issued by HorseXplore and can be chosen to take out when you fill in your booking request. Only for citizens in the Nordic countries.

  • Does not cover flight tickets
  • Any cancellation must have been received in writing to our office during our office hours no later than the nearest weekday before departure, but no later than 24 hours before the start of your journey from home. The only cancellation fee that affects you is 5% of the price of the trip, but at least 40 EUR.
  • When rebooking to a new date within 6 months to the same destination, the Cancellation Insurance is carried over (higher price on the new trip means a higher price on the Cancellation Insurance). When rebooking to a new destination, a new Cancellation Insurance must be booked.

The Cancellation Insurances

  • apply in the event of acute illness, accident or death suffered by you or a close relative
  • apply in case of inability to complete the purpose of the trip, for example if you get injured so that you can not take part in the activities included in the retreat/holiday package
  • apply if the authorities suddenly issues an advise not to travel to the country for your booked retreast/holiday, but does not apply if such an advice is already widely known at the time of purchasing the cancellation insurance
  • require a certificate to confirm the reason for the cancellation
  • do not apply to mental disorders, pre-existing illness/chronic disorder or pregnancy.
  • do not apply if the reason for the cancellation of the holiday has been known at the time of booking
  • will not be refunded under any circumstances and cannot be deducted from the payment of the final balance.

The terms and conditions of the insurances are not available in English, but please do not hesitate to ask us for more details and we will do our best to explain everything to you.

Cancellation fees without Cancellation Insurance, or if the conditions are not met

If a cancellation occurs:

  • 30 days or more prior to departure you will pay the deposit
  • Less than 30 days but more than 20 days prior to departure you will pay 50% of the cost of the holiday
  • 20 days (or less) prior to departure you will pay 100% of the cost of the holiday

    Your cancellation must be received in writing at our office during office hours no later than the specified number of weekdays before the start of your journey from home.

    Other special cancellation conditions can apply for special holidays, in that case this is stated on the website.
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