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Trail rides

To explore a new country on horseback is a great experience. You will come close to nature and people in an easy and pleasant way. You see how the people live and work in rural areas.

Everyone can participate, that's what's so great about trail rides. Are you an experienced rider, you get a lively and spirited horse, if you are less experienced, you get a safe horse that nicely follows the rest of the group, and everyone gets the to enjoy of the ride.

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Turkey, Antalya - The Taurus Trail Ride of Contrasts

Up high in the Taurus Mountains, life goes on as it always has in the small isolated villages without the pulsating big city beat. It is fascinating to come here to the horse along the small winding roads. You come into close contact with the friendly locals. You stay 4 nights at the elegant ranch a...

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United States, Arizona – Cowboy in the Wild West

Welcome to a beautiful "guest ranch" with great riding in magical countryside with lots of cacti. When you are not riding, there are also lots of other things to do. The ranch has been owned by the same family since the 1960s. The family's goal is to provide a homely ranch atmosphere without comprom...

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