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Group- and VIP-travels 2022

Happiness is to do something you love together with like-minded people. That's why we at HorseXplore think it would be so fun if you come along on one of our group trips.

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Portugal, Alentejo - Dressage and Yoga with Pia Wallberg

Dates 2023: April 23-29 and October 8-14 Pia Wallberg (E-RYT 500) has worked with exercise and health for most of her life and has worked as a yoga teacher for two decades where she has a broad and deep education from meditation, medical, therapeutic, and more physical yoga. Pia is a dedicated ride...

Portugal, Alentejo - Private Yoga and seat training with Pia Wallberg February 5-11 2023

Now you have the opportunity to book personal yoga and seat training with Pia Wallberg February 5-11 2023 - Pia has a long experience from working with riders at different levels and her system is aimed at making you a better horse rider. Her strength is finding your weak links and give...

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