Experience a new country on horseback - you get behind the surface of the country and beyond the tourist areas in a unique way.


This is the Africa so many dream of. Tanzania  has vast savannas covering large parts of, while other parts of the country are covered by lush jungles and high mountains. Home to scores of Africa's unique flora and animals. Tanzania also has a beautiful tropical coastline with beaches and coral reefs, where the island of Zanzibar is a paradise ....Read more » From EUR 5,345


- Hammamet - In our hotel and equestrian center, you will be very well treated. Everyone speaks English. The hotel is situated right on the seafront with its own beach, great pool, several bars, tennis courts and spa with massage and treatments. You can choose 12 or 18 hours riding per week. Riding on the beach and inland or a mix of dressage, ....Read more » From EUR 245


Turkey is a very pleasant country that has become very popular with people from Northern Europe. The people are nice and friendly and the riding centers on our tours all look after their horses in the way you are used to at home. Listed below are several wonderful trail rides as well as a training center just outside Istanbul.Read more »

United States

Do you dream about riding like a cowboy, driving cattle and take a siesta under a shady tree? This and much more can be found on our increasingly popular US tours. Did you know for example that there is a high-quality jumping training available in Tennessee?Read more »
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