Experience a new country on horseback - you get behind the surface of the country and beyond the tourist areas in a unique way.

India, Rajasthan

Are you adventurous and want to experience a amazing country? Then Prince Siddhart Singh of Rajasthan welcomes you on an exotic ride on his beautiful horses. This beautiful palace is situated deep in the countryside. It has been in your host family's possession since 1622. In 1990, the family opened the palace doors to traveling guests. The ....Read more »


Ireland is real horse country with wonderful scenery for trail rides, but also a long tradition of high-paced cross-country riding over fences, drawing on the ancient traditions of fox hunting.Read more »


Your host Yair, who breeds purebred Arabians, decided to leave his hectic life as a businessman to combine his two passions: horse riding and the beautiful and fascinating country of Israel. In his carefully thought out trail rides, he meets people from different continents and cultures, and he loves to see how they are brought together through their ....Read more »


Beautiful Italy offers a variety of types of riding. Everything from dressage and cross-country jumping to wonderful trekking through the hills and vineyards can be found here. And you will of course enjoy the country's cuisine and fine wines.Read more »


- Petra Wadi Rum Trail Ride - Are you eager to experience something really different? This adventure has a perfect mix of culture in Petra and exciting riding in the Wadi Rum desert. French woman Emmanuelle has put together a well-planned and enjoyable program. You ride on alert Arabian thoroughbreds. The horses are all owned by Emmanuelle, which is ....Read more » From EUR 1,930

Kenya, Masai Mara

- Riding Safari in Masai Country - This is ride for those who are fascinated by wildlife and want to experience it in total freedom. Imagine a fast gallop across the vast savannah next to herds of zebras, wildebeests and gazelles. This is a unique safari where you explore places far from the usual 'tourist trail', but don’t have to forsake ....Read more » From EUR 6,955


- Along the Silk Road - Experience the adventure of a lifetime in Central Asia by the Silk Road, Pamir and Tian Shan (Celestial) mountains. Not to forget the magnificent open spaces with high plateaus and lush valleys. Come and enjoy the nomadic lifestyle of the Kyrgyz people and discover this magical land. Ishen, Gulmira and Rash are descendants of ....Read more » From EUR 1,613


Visit this fascinating country with its colorful people, tasteful food, tropical climate and exciting culture. It is an elegant and tastefully decorated ranch for the active guest with high quality requirements for comfort and interest in good food and drinks. You will be welcomed already at the airport and then driven about 1.5 hours to the ranch. ....Read more » From EUR 2,670


This is riding tour for those who have already seen and done it all, almost... Mongolians still alive according to the traditions that brought Genghis Khan's armies all the way to Europe.  You can choose between different rides, which can be found further down. Ecotourism means adapting tourism to the natural conditions of the country. Tourists ....Read more »


ridresa marocko
This beautiful Moroccan ranch owned by two French women, Caroline and Caroline (who live in France but visit the ranch at regular intervals). The ranch is situated between the Atlas Mountains and is only 10 minutes from the sea. Morocco has a rich culture and heritage that feels very exotic. You can choose from: - A Stationary program  - about ....Read more » From EUR 850

Netherlands, Terschelling

The Dutch island of Terschelling is located about 15 km off the coast of the Wadden Sea in the North Sea. It belongs to an archipelago called the Frisian Islands, and of course you should ride on beautiful Friesian horses here. The island is known for its 30 km long sandy beach which is made for lovely gallops. Here you can enjoy wonderful rides in ....Read more » From EUR 935


Poland can be reached easily by car ferry or a short flight. The terrain is generally perfect for riding with small sandy paths that meander through the countryside. The accommodation is better than what many expect, and includes castles and manor houses having been beautifully restored enabling you to really enjoy your time here.Read more »


In Portugal, we offer dressage training on horses of the highest quality, but there are also a number of scenic trails to choose from, both among the mountains and along the Atlantic coast beaches.Read more »


Serbia - untouched and beautiful. Delicious tasty food and great life spirit. This ride offers stunning views, and wherever you come, you will experience true hospitality in the beautiful countryside of Serbia. Your host Igor lived 6 years in Austria where he met Swiss Nana. Together they decided to fulfill the dream of a horse farm in Serbia. Said ....Read more » From EUR 1,020


Here everything is about love, even the name states it, sLOVEnia.  "Slovenia will be one of the most beautiful countries you've ever seen," says the travel guide Lonely Planet.  You will also be very well looked after. During the weekly trail you will stay in a small town an hour's drive from Ljubljana in a cozy guesthouse. ....Read more » From EUR 650


Spain is well known for its beautiful Andalusian horses, and of course you will have the chance to ride them on our fantastic Spanish dressage holidays. If you are more interested in trail rides, you will find many top-quality options on our Spanish trailrides.Read more »

South Africa

South Africa is an amazing country to experience on a horse. Spectacular scenery and a fascinating wildlife add up to adventures that will exceed your wildest expectations and give you memories for life. A beach ride on the Sunshine coast or a superlative wildlife encounter on a safari – whatever you choose you will get amazed. With its great ....Read more »


You do not always travel a long way for good riding and high quality lessons on beautiful horses. On our Swedish tours, you can choose to ride on nice Icelandic Horses, a powerful quarterhorse or a big half-blood.Read more »
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