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Experience a new country on horseback - you get behind the surface of the country and beyond the tourist areas in a unique way.

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Here everything is about love, even the name states it, sLOVEnia. "Slovenia will be one of the most beautiful countries you've ever seen," says the travel guide Lonely Planet. You will also be very well looked after. During the weekly trail you will stay in a small town an hour's drive from Ljubljan...

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Spain is well known for its beautiful Andalusian horses, and of course you will have the chance to ride them on our fantastic Spanish dressage holidays. If you are more interested in trail rides, you will find many top-quality options on our Spanish trailrides.

South Africa

South Africa is an amazing country to experience on a horse. Spectacular scenery and a fascinating wildlife add up to adventures that will exceed your wildest expectations and give you memories for life. A beach ride on the Sunshine coast or a superlative wildlife encounter on a safari – whatever yo...


You do not always travel a long way for good riding and high quality lessons on beautiful horses. On our Swedish tours, you can choose to ride on nice Icelandic Horses, a powerful quarterhorse or a big half-blood.


This is the Africa so many dream of. Tanzania has vast savannas covering large parts of, while other parts of the country are covered by lush jungles and high mountains. Home to scores of Africa's unique flora and animals. Tanzania also has a beautiful tropical coastline with beaches and coral reefs...

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In our hotel and equestrian center, you will be very well treated. Everyone speaks English. The hotel is situated right on the seafront with its own beach, great pool, several bars, tennis courts and spa with massage and treatments. You can choose 12 or 18 hours riding per week. Riding on the beach...

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Turkey is a very pleasant country that has become very popular with people from Northern Europe. The people are nice and friendly and the riding centers on our tours all look after their horses in the way you are used to at home. Listed below are several wonderful trail rides in Cappadocia.

United States

Do you dream about riding like a cowboy, driving cattle and take a siesta under a shady tree? This and much more can be found on our increasingly popular US tours. Did you know for example that there is a high-quality jumping training available in Tennessee?

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