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Here we have gathered our destination for those who want to ride trail ride and where you change the accommodation two or more nights.


Albania has climbed up the list of the world’s hottest destinations and interest in this, for most people, unfamiliar country is greater than ever. Time here has stood still. Once you get beyond the capital city, it resembles in many respects what you would find in a photo album from the 1960s with fewer cars and more donkeys. In the village ....Read more »

Argentina, Corrientes – El Dorado Point-to-Point from Estancia to Estancia

This point-to-point ride is exciting, fast-paced and gives you a glimpse into the lives of wealthy cattle ranchers. You will stay at four different Estancias (= ranches) each with its own distinctive character. The vast plains are perfect for those people who like long gallops, with more than thirty kilometers (18 miles) of high-tempo riding each day. ....Read more » From EUR 2,135

Argentina, Salta - Inka Trail

This point-to-point ride runs along the famous Inca Trail and over the mighty Andes in Northwest Argentina. You will visit places that you can only get to by horse. The area has an impressive landscape and a unique diversity of climate zones. Tropical forests with crystal clear streams in the Lerma Valley. The Calchaquí desert with its multi-colored ....Read more » From EUR 1,968

Botswana - Tuli Safari

Mashatu Game Reserve is located in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve - the eastern tip of Botswana. Mashatu covers 30,000 hectares and is home to great herds of elephant, estimated to be at least 800 strong.  As well as numerous cats, including leopards, lions, cheetah, African wild cat and cerval, the Tuli Block is known as 'The Land of the ....Read more » From EUR 2,440

Botswana, Okawango - Mobile Delta Safari

Okawango Delta Ride   Recently declared the 1,000th World Heritage Site, the unique Okavango Delta is a horse rider’s Eden: as the floodwaters spread down into the Kalahari sands, the herds and birdlife follow, and horseback is the perfect place from which to observe them. This Delta Ride is unlike any other. Rather than a permanent riding ....Read more » From EUR 3,382


Brazil is the largest country in South America with a beautifully diverse geography and a mostly tropical climate. The country houses many spectacular ecosystems such as the Amazon Rainforest which is known to have the greatest biological diversity in the world. Brazil is an exotic place for a riding holiday and not only does it have a rich wildlife, ....Read more »

Bulgaria - Rodophe Mountains

Now you have the chance to explore the unspoiled Rhodope Mountains, one of Europe’s last wildernesses. Deciduous forests still climb the steep mountainsides, which gives rise to the local name ‘the green mountains’. The forests contain wolves and bears and more than 300 different bird species have been sighted. Your host, Bogdan, ....Read more » From EUR 1,100

Bulgaria - The Singing Rocks

In the eastern part of the Balkan Mountains National Park is a nature reserve of more than 1,700 hectares (4,200 acres) with wide variety of wildlife. For centuries, this area has been known by the name given to the amazing rock formations that almost ‘sing’ in the wind. This is home to a number of unusual animals such as the mountain goat, ....Read more » From EUR 1,095

Bulgaria - Trail Ride over the Balkan Mountains

This trail ride combines Apriltsi’s beautiful location with riding over two mountain chains staying overnight along the way. The ride follows the ancient paths that for centuries have linked northern and southern Bulgaria. You will ride along the old paths and roads that for centuries have linked southern and northern Bulgaria. From the little ....Read more » From EUR 1,095

Costa Rica

- Tropical Trail Ride along beaches and through local villages - The beauty and warmth brought Tina from Sweden to Costa Rica and she decided to stay. Here, you will have the chance to discover this fantastic country by horse. You can gallop on unbelievably beautiful long beaches, swim with your horse and ride through the interior of the country filled ....Read more » From EUR 2,010

Croatia, Split - Krka Trail Ride

Choose a fantastic trail ride where you explore Croatia's wild and untouched natural beauty. Dijana and Bosko welcome you to their ranch located about 3 km (2 miles)  from the town of Sinj and about 45 km (28 miles) from Split. They offer a trail ride that are ideal for riders who want to get to know the wild and untouched ....Read more » From EUR 1,200


Despite its small size, Ecuador is unique with its fantastic mountains, the Amazon River and its rainforest vegetation, Indian culture and colorful markets. Riding in this country is incredibly exciting. Our hacienda is situated south of Quito in the verdant valley of Machachi.  As it is surrounded by eleven volcanoes, this region is often referred ....Read more »

France, Aquitaine

In Aquitaine, the chance for fantastic outdoor experiences is not just good – it’s great! The Atlantic is overwhelming on its own and who doesn’t want to stretch out in a gallop along white beaches... But the hinterland is also perfect for riding with its soft sandy paths, vineyards and pine forests. Michel and his team have organized ....Read more »

France, Occitania

Kathar Trail, guided or unguided This ride is situated in the rugged countryside near the Spanish border. It is a chance to see a beautiful, mountainous area redolent of history and enjoy rural France and the hospitality and food of its inhabitants.  The Cathar Trail takes its name from the religious group who inhabited the area during the medieval ....Read more » From EUR 1,065

France - Bordeaux and Loire

For more than fifteen years we have had the great pleasure to recommend these fantastic trail rides. The owners, Pierre and Sara have done an excellent job. Pierre has now retired and Sara has started a family and they have now handed over all their regular riders to David and his team. David was more or less born in the saddle. His father bred horses ....Read more »

France - Provence

The name Provence is reminiscent of vineyards and olive groves and lavender fields. Didier, your host, has arranged trail rides here since 1987. You will ride many hours each day. Your guides has been on a special training course for professional guides and speaks good English. The saddles are custom made for trail rides. Safe, light and comfortable. ....Read more »


Bordered by the Great Caucasus Range, The Black Sea, Russia and Turkey, Georgia´s countryside is as unspoilt and beautiful as its history is fascinating and colourful. Alpine meadows, ancient forests and magical, abandoned monasteries overgrown with wild flowers which are only accessible by horse or on foot. Georgia is the land of the ....Read more » From EUR 2,065

Great Britain - Dartmoor Crossing

This is a 7 night, 5 day ride around Dartmoor, riding 12 – 19 miles (4-5 hours/day) each day stopping at fabulous moorland Hotels, or B&B’s. This is a superb way to explore Dartmoor with its breathtaking rugged scenery, remote beauty spots and very friendly hospitality. You will be guided through some of the most spectacular ....Read more » From EUR 1,475


Greenland is not a mass tourism location, but rather somewhere for the discerning traveller who is searching for unique experiences in a magnificent, clean natural environment and an exciting culture. Greenland is the world's largest island, located where the North Atlantic and the Arctic Oceans meet. Greenland is 85% covered with ice and glaciers, ....Read more » From EUR 1,680

Hungary - Puszta Trail Ride

Hungary’s almost unlimited space makes it ideal for riders. Here's your chance to experience Puszta on a trail ride with Maja and her fine horses. During this week you will get to know the Hungarian countryside and enjoy tasty meals and experience fast-paced riding on beautiful horses. After a test ride it's off to the south, through ....Read more » From EUR 470
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