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Turkey, Antalya - The Taurus Trail Ride of Contrasts

Up high in the Taurus Mountains, life goes on as it always has in the small isolated villages without the pulsating big city beat. It is fascinating to come here to the horse along the small winding roads. You come into close contact with the friendly locals. You stay 4 nights at the elegant ranch and 2 nights in tent, 1 night in simple accomodation with local families in the small villages in the mountains. As in most Mediterranean countries, there is always a local restaurant where villagers gather. You will get the chance to try lots of Turkish specialties. 

The ride goes up to 1000 meters (3,200 ft) above sea level where the views are breathtaking. 

This trail ride gives you unique experiences in the mountains and lovely sun & sea.

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The Program

Saturday: On arrival, you will be served a welcome drink. You will receive information on the riding center and the weekly schedule.

Breakfast. You get to meet the horses, and take test ride in the ring or simply head out on a short ride. After that, you can relax and have a good time, and maybe take a dip in the pool before dinner (not included).

After breakfast, the trail ride begins. You pack the essentials into your saddlebags. After 1 hour of riding arrival to beautiful canyon. After that you start climbing the highest mountain of the region - Tahtali (2365 meters above the sea level). First stop is in the village called Gedelma. There you can see a castle and a very old tree (about 2500 years old). After the stop you come to the camping place, feed and brush horses, prepare the tent. Then you have dinner and go to sleep.

Breakfast, feeding horses. After that you climb Tahtali mountain again. This day you have your highest climbing. The weather is changing and you are reaching the territory without the trees. After reaching the highest point you start to move down till you reach Beychik – a village with beautiful mountain and sea view. You take a break there, eat, take care of the horses, take shower and stay in the village for sleeping (in the rooms, no tent).

Starting to get down to the sea level. Takes 8 hours minimum. The road is surrounded with beautiful bays and untouched nature. After crossing the biggest bay you arrive to the bay for one night accommodation. Tent and food are already prepared there. There you can swim with/without horse.

Today you return to the ranch via five bays and an ancient city Faselis (2000 years old). It is possible to make a lunch break there before coming back to the ranch.

On the last day, riding around ranch territory.

Back at the ranch, you can rest and maybe take a dip in the pool before the farewell dinner in the evening (payable locally).

After breakfast you bid farewell to your new friends, the horses and the ranch.

This ride takes you through the Taurus Mountains and the area surrounding the Tahtali Mountains that climb up to 2365 meters (7,700 ft) above sea level. You will ride up to 1000 meters (4,900 ft). 

Subject to change due to local circumstances. Times are approximate.

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