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Turkey, Antalya - Taurus Ranch Ride

After a welcome dinner and a good night’s rest, you test ride your horse in the volt. You then get to experience Turkey in the best way - on horseback. You climb the mountains to see the Mediterranean, swim in the sea and come in close contact with the friendly locals.

You ride a lot but you will still have time for some sun and swimming. At lunchtime, you eat delicious picnics and your dinners are lavish and flavorsome. Lunch and dinner are payable locally.

The evenings are balmy and it is wonderful to enjoy music in good company. The hardest part is getting to bed.

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The Program

Preliminary day-by-day program. Below in an example of program.

NOTE! In summer time the times may change because of the high midday heat. Total riding time for the week is about 28 hours.

Day 1:  Day of arrival. Transfer from the airport and arrival at the hotel. An opportunity to talk about your goals in an informative cocktail setting at horse cafe. Meet the horses and the riding team after registering at the hotel. Choose horses for the riders.

Day 2: A half-hour trip to show you a magnificent Mediterranean view worth photographing… Afterwards, we head towards Tahtalı Peak to the house of Yörük Halil Karakoyunlu, where you will experience authentic Turkish village life. The residents in the house of Yörük Halil will tell us a number of interesting stories about mountain life.

Day 3: We will visit Kuzdere, one of the most interesting and beautiful villages in the region. You will have an opportunity to experience the authentic atmosphere of our village culture. After drinking traditional Turkish tea in the village. The return route is magnificent and you will see the orange groves which encircle the volcanic Twin Peaks (İkiz Tepeler). This tour is an absolute delight during the month of April when the orange trees are in bloom and the air is filled with their fragrant scent. After returning to the hotel, you can enjoy the rest of the day swimming in the pool.

Day 4: We leave the hotel for Alacasu, which is 12 kilometers away. Alacasu is one of the most beautiful bays in the area. After a stroll through a pine forest, those who want to engage in different activities can take a hike, swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean or stretch out of the beach and catch some rays until the group returns to the hotel on horseback.

Day 5: You will have a chance to experience the thrill of galloping down the fabulous Mediterranean beaches. The starting time for this 4-5 hour tour varies depending on the weather. We leave the hotel and head for the Kesme Boğazı gorge which is 11 kilometers away. The Kesme Boğazı gorge is situated in steep and rocky mountains. You can cool off by swimming in the ice-cold waters of the Ağva River after the trip.

Day 6: We head for an ancient temple on Mount Olympus. On this 4-hour journey, we climb 600-700 meters over a distance of 8 kilometers in the forest. When we reach the summit, we tie our horses beside a spring and walk about 10 minutes to a mystic temple with a spectacular view of the Mediterranean from the village of Kumluca. When you return to the hotel, we will have a special night waiting for you.

Day 7: You will be enchanted once again with the beauty of the Taurus Mountains, tour the surrounding area of horseback and enjoy the diverse scenery. After a 1-hour ride, we will pass through a farm. Following that, we will climb through pine forests until we reach a natural pool where we will take a swimming break. The route back to the hotel is lined with beautiful natural vistas.

Day 8. Breakfast and departure.

Subject to change due to local circumstances.



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