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Tour Israel

Join us on a ride where you get to see and explore the variety Israel has to offer and fascinating places such as Nassaret, Jerusalem, Galilee, the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee. You can also explore the deserts and climb the mountain where the majestic fortress of Masada is located. The week ends with a soothing mud treatment at the Dead Sea and a dip in its healing waters. This trip will stay long in your memory!

Tour Isreal ride is packed with intense riding through the stunning landscapes of the Menashe Steppe, the Carmel regions and the Jezreel Valley. You will get the opportunity to explore archaeological sites and natural wonders that are a rare luxury to experience.

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You ride about 14-27 km (9-17 miles) per day for 6 days. Minimum 3 riders, maximum of 12 riders.

Israeli Adventure is a shortened version of the program below. That is, Day 4 and Day 8 are not included.

Preliminary day-by-day program Tour Isreal

Day 1 - Arrival early evening at Moshav Sharona in the lower Galilee. After an introduction and information session, dinner is served. You will then get a lecture on the history of Israel.

Day 2 - Today is the first day of riding through Galilee’s beautiful landscape. After the horses and riders are matched, you will leave the stables of Shedmoat Devora to ride along the Tabor River's tributaries and pass Kfar Keesh. When you finally reach Tabor, you will visit Tel Rechesh that, according to some sources, formed part of King Solomon's legendary stables. After the visit, you can gallop through almond groves and fields on the way back to Shedmoat Devora. After a short break, you will be taken to Mount Tabor, where you will visit "The Church of the Transfiguration." You then continue to Nazareth for a guided tour of sacred sites and markets. Dinner is served in an authentic Bedouin tent before returning to Sharona to spend the night.

Day 3 - The day starts with a ride in the Sirin Heights, where you will enjoy stunning views along with rivers and natural springs. You ride to the Mitzpe Ayloat lookout and are treated to a stunning view of the Jordan Valley. The ride then continues in the direction of Jordan, you will pass through Yaela Grove where Jael, wife of Heber the Kenite, killed Sisera. You will then cross the Jordan Valley and come to the Jordan River as you cross with the horses (in summer you swim with the horses in the river) and then proceed to the Kibbutz Degania, the first kibbutz (a small collective agricultural and industrial community). There, you will learn about this unique way of life. You spend the night in Sharona.

Day 4 - The western Carmel region is the location of this day full of adventure. We will leave our western stable at Ramot Menashe (changing horse today) and then we will ride west toward the beautiful Mediterranean's forest of Mt.Horshan  , we will explore the trails of this all year green area, then we will be heading south toward Tzabarin spring which was the water source for Caesarea at the Roman times. We will cross the village of Amikam and canter east along Taninim (crocodile) stream back to our stable. In the afternoon, we will drive to Tel Megiddo, the supposed site of Armageddon – the epic battle associated with the end of time. Once an important city on an ancient trade route, today only ruins remain as testimony to the peoples that inhabited this site for centuries. We will investigate the archeological ruins, learning about life in biblical Israel.  
You spend the night in cabins at Kibbutz Dalia.

DAY 5 
A day dedicated to Jerusalem. We will travel by car from Kibbutz Dalia to the city of Jerusalem. Start in the Old City followed by a walk in the famous Via Dolorosa, the path that Jesus walked on his way to his crucifixion. Along the way, we will visit the holy sites of the three monotheistic religions. After the tour and a typical Humus lunch, we will drive to the Judean Desert to spend the night in a very special place. We will sleep over at modern camp in Judea Desert with Hot showers, toilets, Internet connection and excellent food. Sleep in Sleeping bags on Mattress. 

DAY 6 
Early in the morning we will start our desert adventure. Before the sun rise, we will ride through the expansive plains of the north Judea Desert heights until we again reach cliffs overlooking the Dead Sea. Then we will head west and Cantering in Tamar Stream.  We will arrive to the Grazing fields of the upper Desert (where king David use to walk with his sheeps) then we will use an old donkey's trail, in order to ride back to our camp, then we will travel to the monumental site of Masada and explore the site. Afternoon we will head back to our camp. In the afternoon we will go for some non-riding activity (surprise).

DAY 7 
Another day of exhilarating desert riding ahead of us. We will ride east along Daraga Stream, then we will start to ride south toward the upper part of Judea desert. We will cross Tekoa stream, and then we will start to climb along the Vultures trail to Mutrida ridge. We will try to find water cistern in the desert, and to understand the survival in the desert. We will explore the Nabatean water cistern of Bir el Makushita and from there we will ride back to our camp. Saying goodbye to our horses (not an easy moment), we will travel to a Dead Sea as a treat after days of hard riding, we will cover ourselves in the black mud of the Dead Sea and go for a dip in its healing waters. We will drive beck to the south Carmel area .
Night sleep in Dalia or in Sdhe Ytzhak 

DAY 8 
This day will be devoted to the to the west Carmel region and to the Mediterranean beach area. We will start our ride the prehistoric archeological site of Nahal Mearot. We will visit this amazing site and then we will start to ride toward the Mediterranean beach, we will cross the Hof Carmel agriculture area and then we will arrive to the beach we will canter across this amazing beach toward Habonim National Park then we have the chance to have a swim in the Mediterranean Sea we will continue to ride along the beach we will cross the fisherman village of Jeser el Zarka and then we will finish our beach adventure in Caesarea beach. We will drive to Tel Aviv and spend the night in a proper hotel (dinner is not included).

Day 9 - The trip officially ends after breakfast, so today you can choose to discover Tel Aviv on your own or just rest. Tel Aviv is a modern, vibrant city where there is plenty to do including markets, shopping and fine beaches. You can rest at the hotel until the 12:00pm check-out and if you want to find something to do, the staff will be more than happy to help.

(The program is subject to change due to local circumstances beyond our control)

Dates and prices

DateDaysName of tripPrice from
30/12/20239Tour IsraelEUR 3,400Book on request
17/02/20247Israeli AdventureEUR 2,275Book on request
23/03/20249Tour IsraelEUR 3,185Book on request
13/04/20247Israeli AdventureEUR 2,275Book on request
04/05/20249Tour IsraelEUR 3,185Book on request
26/10/20249Tour IsraelEUR 3,185Book on request
23/11/20247Israeli AdventureEUR 2,275Book on request
28/12/20249Tour IsraelEUR 3,185Book on request

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