Spain, The Pyrenées

The Pyrenees is the mountain range separating France and Spain and which runs from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea. Compared to the Alps, the landscape here is wilder and less well explored. Many people believe the Pyrenees is Europe’s most beautiful mountain range.

The Pyrenees has fantastic riding paths that take you through ravines, deserted pine forests, lakes, small villages and over mountain passes reaching up to 2000 meters (6,500 ft) above sea level. The floral display in the grass-covered valleys is amazing.

Join Xavier, a professional riding guide for thirty years, on one of his horses. You can choose between a ride in the high Pyrenees or a ride from the Pyrenees down to the Mediterranean Sea.

Regardless of which ride you choose, you will have a great time. In addition to the amazing views, you will enjoy Catalonia’s famous cuisine with local wines while staying in picturesque local villages.

Accommodation and Food

You will stay in charming guesthouses, all especially chosen for their character, comfort and good food. Double rooms with ensuite shower/toilet (first and last night there is a shared bathroom and shower).

Single Rooms: You can book a single room (Prices for the Single Room Supplement are under Dates and Prices). If you are prepared to share a room, you do not need to pay the Single Supplement if you are allocated a single room.

Safe deposit box: No
A/C: At some accommodatinos.
Hair Dryer: At some accommodations.
Towels and sheets: Yes
Fridge: At some accommodations.

Breakfasts are nice hotel breakfasts and lunch will be picnics. Generally, a support car will bring a hearty lunch consisting of cold cuts, salads and wine and a table will be set for you.

When the support car cannot reach you, you will have a ‘western-style’ picnic consisting of bread, cheese, cold cuts and wine that you will bring with you in your saddlebags. Water and wine are included with lunch and dinner. Dinner consist of three courses and are both substantial and tasty and include nutritious Mediterranean inspired food with lots of vegetables.


The riding center owner, Xavier, has been a professional riding guide for 30 years and owns about 100 horses, which means there are plenty to choose from. He has two stables, one provisional stable that is close to Barcelona for the Barcelona rides and a second at the foot of the Pyrenees for the mountain rides.

The horses are Spanish horses, crosses with Arabians and Anglo-Arabs. They are approximately 145-160 cm (57-63 in) at the withers, well groomed and surefooted.

There are horses for both the less experienced rider who prefers a reliable and stable horse and also for riders who want something more challenging in the form of a lively horse that requires more of its riders.

A guide who speaks fluent English will accompany the ride.


Travel Information

Ability Description: Trail Ride, Level 2-3 >>

Travel: Book flight/rental car >> We help you book your flight if you wish.
Fly to Barcelona or Girona.

Transfer: Book and pay in advance to HorseXplore.
From airport to equestrian center, about 2 hours drive.
Price: 95 EUR/person/return.
Time: Barcelona Airport, 6.00pm.
Book a return flight that departs after 1.00 pm.

At Girona Airport, the transfer time is 7.15 pm. On your return journey you will be delivered to Girona Airport at about 10.00 am.

Group size: 4 – 10 riders.

Currency: EUR
Credit card: Accepted at some accommodations.
Tipping: Not required but appreciated.

Wifi: Yes at most accommodations.
Electricity jack: EU standard

Age limit: None but you have to be a competent rider.

Closest village: Mostly you live in a village.
Beach: 1,5 hours drive except when you ride to the sea.
Pool: Yes

Riding equipment to borrow: Helmet
Saddle bag available: Yes
Special diet: Inform when booking.

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