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Italy, Sardinia – Monte Ferru – Beach Combo

This programme combines three days’ riding in the area around the farm with three days riding by the sea. You will ride approx. 3 hours/day and be able to explore the beautiful and changing Sardinian landscape. This is the perfect combination of land and sea.
It takes about 35 minutes by car from the farm to the horses at the seaside. You stay at the farm each night.

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Nedan följer ett preliminärt dag-för-dag program över hur dagarna kan se ut. 

Below is a provisional day-by-day programme:

Day 1: Arrival and check-in in time for dinner.

Day 2: Today you will meet the horses. Once you have ridden for 10-15 minutes in the arena to make sure that the horses are suitable, you will start your first ride from the farm. You will ride along old shepherd tracks that have not changed for the past 200 years. Peacefully grazing animals including sheep, donkeys and cows can be seen along and behind the stonewalls that are typical of Sardinia. The landscape is calm and peaceful.

Day 3: Today you will ride from the farm in another direction. You arrive at an old church cemetery called Grave dei Giganto, which is believed to be 4000 years old and, as legend has it, has giants buried there! The area still has a magic atmosphere. After this, you ride into an oak forest when you can enjoy a long gallop before riding back.

Day 4: The riding today is on long winding roads which allow trotting and galloping in several different places. Sardinia is a volcanic island and you will pass through areas of cold lava and stone. The horses are as sure-footed as mountain goats and you will enjoy three hours riding in this peaceful place.

Day 5: Today is the first day riding by the sea. You take your hire car and travel about 35 minutes to the stables. Your guide at the beach will give you a short run through and introduce you to your horse. The landscape is completely different here on the Sinis peninsula. You will discover the rocky cliffs of Capo Mannu. The view from horseback is breathtaking  - you can see cliffs that are more than 200 metres (650 feet) high and the crashing waves of the sea. You will also ride past a large salt lake and, if you are in luck, you will see pink flamingos.

Day 6: Today you will ride in the big pine forest at Is Arenas where you will enjoy riding on soft sandy winding, roads. The pine trees reflect the sun’s light and their scent is beautiful. The horses enjoy walking in the water and there is also the chance for a lovely gallop.

Day 7: Today is the last day’s riding and you will ride to the Sinis conservation area. You ride in pine forests, gallop along roads surrounded by meadows full of flowers and climb up to the high cliffs to see the fantastic views over the emerald green waters.  You eventually arrive at the famous Maimoni beach covered with glittering quartz sand and which, in combination with the intense blue sea, gives off magnificent colours and provides a beautiful conclusion to the last ride of your holiday.

Day 8: Breakfast and departure.

This is a provisional programme and it can take place in reverse order, i.e. the first three days are riding by the sea and you finish with the rides around the farm.

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