Italy, Naples - Mediterranean Ride in Campania

Mediterranean Ride in Campania
The ride takes you through olive groves, the gently rolling mountains and out onto the wild and beautiful coast. Each day, you explore a new part of the National Park. You pass charming medieval villages and see the locals harvesting grapes or picking olives. Your guide is happy to share his knowledge about the region. Each evening, you will return to the farm and have time for a dip in the pool before a good dinner is served. One day is free for relaxation own adventures.

Each day's ride is about 30 km and takes 5-6 hours. You ride in small groups with a maximum of 7 riders. The riding has some steep climbs, and you will lead your horse sometimes, so a level of basic fitness is good to have.

Mediterranean Ride - Relaxed.
Between mid May and mid September, it is 12 hours riding / week and a mix of lessons and riding out. During that time the program below is not applicable and you cannot ride along the beach.

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Program Mediterranean Ride in Campania

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
Today, you will ride up to a small church, the Church of San Giovanni (Saint John). Monks probably built the church in the fifteenth century. You then ride on towards Celso, a medieval village with roots in the year 1050. From Celso, you then ride towards Pollica through a forest of young chestnut trees. In front you will see the blue sea, framed by shrubs and plants typical of the area. You enter Pollica through a Franciscan Monestary, founded in 1611. As you walk past Pollica you can enjoy the typical stone portals and eighteenth-century tower on Capanos Palace that rises over the village. Here you will stop for a quick picnic lunch. After the break, you will ride out of Pollica through a beautiful landscape until you reach Pioppi and the sea. In the evening, you are back at the equestrian center again.

Peasants’ and Highwaymen’s’ Roads
This ride also begins by riding up to the little church, the Church of San Giovanni (Saint John). You continue to Galdo, surrounded by natural beauty, exotic shrubs and trees. Galdo is an ancient medieval village dating back to the year 1090. Here you will find peace and tranquility. After visiting Galdo you ride against S. Mauro, between the olive and fruit trees that form a natural frame to the Mediterranean Sea in the background. Lunch consists of local specialties and is eaten at The Frantoio. After lunch, you ride towards Celso, where you can stop for a coffee break if you wish. After Celso, you ride back to the equestrian center.

God’s Ridge
You ride about 8 km (5 miles) from Casal Velino up to the archaeological site of Elea-Velia with its Angevin Tower. You will leave the horses here for a guided tour where an expert from the area will show you around. Afterwards, you will ride along a road called ‘God’s Ridge’. You ride up the ridge where you get a great view of the exciting landscape and the Mediterranean Sea. You then ride through the Cilento National Park with the Sacred Mount, destination for many traveling pilgrims. From the ridge, you can see out over Lake Petrosa. When you come down from the ridge, you ride along the lakeshore and into a dense pine forest where you stop to rest and to let the horses drink. Finally, you will return to the equestrian center.

Along the Path of the Monks 
You start by riding among the olive groves and along a small river that leads to the Alento River. From here, you follow the vineyards and olive groves towards Castelnuovo Cilento where you stop for rest, break for lunch and a visit to the medieval monastery. On the way back, you ride through Pantana towards the Alento River. You continue then towards Isca Longa and ford the river in a shallow spot. You ride further on, through pine and eucalyptus trees until you reach San Giorgio, once a monastery. In the evening, you will return to the equestrian center.

The Old Salt Road
After breakfast, you saddle your horses and ride inland, along the river and amongst peach trees, vineyards and ruins of beautiful old buildings. The ride heads north towards the Old Salt Road, which served as a trade route between the sea and the interior. Among hundred-year-old olive trees, you will be served a BBQ grill and good wine and have time to relax and enjoy the surroundings. When you feel ready, you saddle up again and follow a narrow river down to the sea and back to the equestrian center.
Please note that the daily rides can take place in a different order than they are described. Changes in the program can also occur due to local circumstances.

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